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    • Tahitian Pearls 101 Help!!

      French Polynesia Dec 24, 2016 at 1:01 PM



      So... my plan is to spend 1 full day in Tahiti, 5 days in Moorea and 5 days in Bora Bora. So - being a lady here... I love jewelry - and for the men here... I'm single so it's my own paycheck (not my "man's") so no hating ^______^


      So... here are my questions


      1- Where would be the best place to buy Tahitian pearls?  I'm interested in buying good quality dark black ones!!  I'm assuming on the main Island of Tahiti - but how readily accessible is it?  I will be staying at the Intercontinental Resort. How about Moorea/Bora Bora - any good options. I know there are pearl farms - and I know you can arrange an excursion/tour to those places - but chances are they are probably the expensive ones (contracted?). Would appreciate any advice on location for my pearly blacks!  I know there are stores that probably sell them on Moorea + BB - but quality vs price vs upmarketing for being on Bora Bora etc.


      2- How can you tell if they are legit? I know you can "bite"/rub them on your teeth and if it's not smooth, they are real - or so they say. Is there a more hygienic approach?  I suppose if they are from a store they are automatically legit... but if you buy them from a local shop/market/farm?


      3- Approximately - what price am I looking at? I know it depends on size, color, shape and the amount of "birthmarks" on the pearls... but what am I looking at? I would love to purchase nice black, round ones with little birthmarks - so maybe "good/great quality". I'm assuming buying them separately is more cost effective but you'll have to match them - shouldn't be to hard for earrings... but a necklace... OUCH. Would love a necklace!!! I'm assuming it's expensive - but wouldn't you think that's the cheapest place to buy them since they originated from there?  Again just roughly for good quality ones...


      4- Do you bargain with the sellers or not? If so how do you approach it? Also - what currency do you use?


      5- Finally - since we're on the topic of spending hard earned $$$ then feeling bad about it... any cool souvenirs/shops you've seen/can recommend. Thanks!!



      PS.  Feel free to PM me any advice/personal experiences or anyting!!!