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    • Where to stay in Havana for 3 days

      Havana 10 minutes ago

      Hello VT! I'm visiting Havana for 3 days next month and am looking to stay in old town Havana. My budget is not to exceed $40 / night and should be a good central location easily accessible to all there is to see in the city. Any recommendations on where to stay would be greatly appreciated! I'm traveling solo and am open to home stays as well. Thank you!

    • Getting to know Kathmandu

      Kathmandu 57 minutes ago

      I am a student doing a project about Kathmandu and I have some questions concerning the place. So can anyone help me?

      Thank you so much.

    • cachaseiro's Profile Photo

      Best areas to stay in Delhi.

      Delhi 3 hours ago

      What part of Delhi would you recommend to stay in?

      I like to stay in an area with some cafe/restaurant/bar choices.
      It does not have to be upscale.
      I just like to be able to wanter around the streets at night.
      During the day i will have my bicyclke, so I can get around quickly.

      Any suggestions?

      3 Answers 51 minutes ago
    • where to stay

      San José 4 hours ago

      question 1: We arrive on Thursday at 1:22 am. Do I book a hotel for Thursday or Wednesday? Not sure.

      question 2: We want to stay in Manuel Antonio National Park. I am a woman travelling with two children. Any suggestions? I don't want to pay much over $100, less would be great. Saturday - Thursday.

      question 3: How do we get from San Jose to Manuel Antonio? Bus I am assuming and do I have to book that in advance? 2.5 hours journey correct? How much will I pay?

      Thanks for all the helpful tips!

      2 Answers 55 minutes ago
    • Boxing Day Travel

      London 4 hours ago

      I have a flight coming in heathrow on Boxing Day at 7am. Need to go through customs but not checking baggage. What is the fastest way to get to Stansted airport on this day?

      5 Answers 1 hours ago
    • Confused about bus vs heathrow connect option

      Heathrow 4 hours ago

      I have an international flight arriving at terminal 3. I will have only carry on baggage. I will need to transfer to terminal 4 to catch a flight to Malta from another carrier (no affiliations with first flight). I will have my boarding pass to go to Malta.

      I am confused as to options. I have read to follow purple signs marked "flight connections" and catch a bus that will take me to terminal 4. I have also read to make my way to Heathrow Connect and take this to Terminal 4.

      Questions: where do you catch the connecting bus and it that something different from the central bus station shown on the terminal 3 map?

      Do I follow a different sign (not the purple flight connection sign) to take the Heathrow Connect?

      For a time crunch, what is the better option?

      I know that I will need to go through security at the new terminal but will I need to go through passport control?

      Thank you.

      3 Answers 30 minutes ago
    • jocas's Profile Photo


      Brunei 5 hours ago

      will stay in brunei for 2 and a half weeks and 2 days in miri malaysia. any suggestion on best place to tour in those places for such duration?

      2 Answers 2 hours ago
    • One morning and one afternoon in Malta

      Malta 6 hours ago

      Hello everyone. I will be coming to Malta for a conference and it seems that I will have one morning free (from 9am-1pm) and one afternoon (after 4pm). I will be staying in Valetta.

      Do you believe there is any point of trying to visit Mdina (by bus) during the morning and seeing Valetta in the afternoon? It seems to take around 30' by bus to get from Valetta to Mdina, so that leaves around 2,5 h to explore the town. Is it enough to see the main attractions or should I not even bother and leave for another time (if any)?

      And one more thing: any good tips on budget restaurants at Valetta (or at Il--Furjana etc)?
      Thank you all!

      3 Answers 3 hours ago
    • where to stay

      San José 6 hours ago

      What area would you recommend I look for a hotel in San Jose? I will be arriving late at night (1;30am) with my two daughters (age 8 & 9). I would like to be central and walking distance from most sights and markets. Is there such a central area?

      4 Answers 5 hours ago
    • Casual friend while i travel in SFO?

      San Francisco 6 hours ago

      Friends, I am visiting SFO solo for couple of days. Looking forward for someone who can guide me about couple of interesting places. I like to jog and probably explore one of the trekking trails. any recommendation for morning jog trails and one trek trail over the weekends?
      if someone visiting SFO or staying in SFO interested to go on a drink and talk about interesting things in life? ping me.

      5 Answers 39 minutes ago
    • Belogradcik, Rila Lakes and cities - 3 questions

      Bulgaria 6 hours ago

      We'll drive to Sofia and spend there few days in the country this weekend. As we drive from Beograd, Belogradcik seems to be logical as first place to visit. Is it possible to explore the region with a short hiking in early November or weather does not permit it anymore? Then we would also like to visit Rila of course, and I was told, Rila Seven Lakes also worth to visit. My question is the same, whether it is possible to go there these days or it is too cold, frozen etc.? We are middle aged couple and in good health, but we don't use to hike with special equipment. Finally, another type question. Considering limited time, we probably can visit either Plovdiv or Veliko Tarnovo. Which one do you believe to be a better choice if we don't have time for both? Thanks,

      6 Answers 39 minutes ago
    • El Nido to Coron private tour in mid-November 2016

      El Nido 9 hours ago

      Hi there!

      Together with my wife (both 28 years old) we are coming to Palawan to spend a little time there and do some islandhopping tours. There are many public offers, however my dream is to make a private tour, as it is much more exciting and can be just the same price if you form a group.

      We are staying in El Nido town until more or less 14th November 2016 and then wanted to take a tour to Coron Town as we have a flight from Busuanga airport on 18th in the morning. We plan making a 3-4 days trip around 14-17 November from El Nido to Coron, visiting Linapacan etc. Price depends on the number of people, but even in two couples it could cost like 5000 PHP per person, so not so much for spending so much time at the sea (bearing in mind ferry El Nido - Coron costs 1800 PHP).

      The idea arise from the site islandhoppinginthephilippine... where you can get many information about such private tours (you will see my request there).

      If you fancy such tour let's get together and go for adventure!

      Michal from Poland

      1 Answer 5 hours ago
    • cheap bedspace in brunei

      Brunei 15 hours ago

      where could i look for cheap bedspace in brunei? duration of stay is 3weeks.

      7 Answers 11 hours ago

      Brunei 15 hours ago

      I am flying to Brunei on Nov 6th and will exit to Miri Malaysia on Nov 18th prior to pre-approved entry pass (14days) and return back to Brunei the day after.
      From Brunei my flight back to Ph is on Nov 26. Will exiting to Malaysia and returning to Brunei be fine? Would this be possible?

      3 Answers 12 hours ago
    • Do most hotels in Spain have free Wi-Fi?

      Spain 17 hours ago

      I was just wondering if most hotels in Spain have a reliable, fast Wi-Fi connection.

      6 Answers 11 hours ago
    • Matty000's Profile Photo

      Car Hire UK Avis or Hertz

      England 17 hours ago

      We are touring around the UK and plan on hiring a small car. We have narrowed our search down to either Avis or Hertz. Does anyone have any experience with either of these?
      We plan to pick up from York and drop off at Dover.
      Thank you

      8 Answers 6 hours ago
    • Great one day tour at south rim

      Grand Canyon 18 hours ago

      Hi - we are staying at the South Rim Grand Canyon in mid december for two nights. Can anyone recommend one day tour / trip while we are there, that's informative, fun and physical. Thank you!!!


      3 Answers 9 hours ago
    • Paris Stay

      Paris 19 hours ago

      Hi fellow virtours!

      Hope you guys are doing great!

      need your opinion tips on finding any affordable hotels/apartments with balcony (to sit and have coffee with) in Paris?


      4 Answers 46 minutes ago
    • oslocairo's Profile Photo

      Day trip to visit snow monkey Park near Nagano from Kyoto or Tokyo?

      Tokyo 19 hours ago

      I will be staying in both places.I s it possible to visit the park as a day trip from either or Tokyo?


      3 Answers 7 hours ago

      Morocco Yesterday

      We are considering transportation options from Marrakech to Fez and looking into renting a car. We plan on traveling from Marrakech via the N9 and N10 to Ouarzazate, Skoura and Tinghir. Stopping in Merzouga for an overnight camel safari and continuing onto Fez. We can take up to 5 or 6 days to travel this distance if enough points of interest along this route warrant making it a leisurely journey. Has anyone done a similar route with a rental car and would you recommend renting a 4X4 or would a compact car be sufficient. Thank you

      3 Answers 13 hours ago
    • Heathrow transit

      Heathrow Yesterday

      My wife is due to transit heathrow airport when she flies from Moscow to Shannon. Is there a border control between terminal 5 and terminal 2. I understand from the UK government website that a transit visa is not required if passengers do not pass through border control. However, British Airways insist that a transit visa is required. She will have bags checked to final destination in Moscow, so she expects to make a direct airside transit. Can you enlighten me please?
      Kind regards, David.

      4 Answers 14 hours ago
    • where to stay first visit

      hi I am planning first trip for 11 days in July 2017 need a place that suits 50 year olds + 3 kids 19,22 and 23 who will be off doing there own thing, will have a car , but like to near restaurants shops for basics and evening out drinking and food etc

      seen a property in Prcanj  and not far from kotor ,  or would be better off near budva  ?  hope to fly into TIVAT

      3 Answers Yesterday
    • mamawinnie's Profile Photo

      Bike hire in oulu

      Oulu Yesterday

      Any good bike hire places and does anyone do electric cycles. Thanks

    • private guide in Gayanne and Fort de France

      Cayenne Yesterday


      We need a private guide in Gayanne and Fort de France for 2 persons.

      The dates is:
      Gayanne ? from 27 October till 28 October
      Martinique, Fort de France ? from 28 October till 29 October

      The question is very urgent!!
      Please help us if you have any contacts of guides.

      Thank you in advance!!

      Best regards,
      Nadjaryan Lilit.

      Tel: +7 (495) 775-83-34
      Fax: +7 (495) 775-83-35

      in Gayanne and Fort de France

      2 Answers Yesterday
    • private guide in Gayanne and Fort de France

      Cayenne Yesterday


      We need a private guide in Gayanne and Fort de France for 2 persons.

      The dates is:
      Gayanne ? from 27 October till 28 October
      Martinique, Fort de France ? from 28 October till 29 October

      The question is very urgent!!
      Please help us if you have any contacts of guides.

      Thank you in advance!!

      Best regards,
      Nadjaryan Lilit.

      Tel: +7 (495) 775-83-34
      Fax: +7 (495) 775-83-35

      in Gayanne and Fort de France

      1 Answer Yesterday
    • Personal Guides in Gayenne from 27 till 28 October

      French Guiana Yesterday

      Good day!
      Urgently looking for a personal guide withe a car in Gayenne begining from 27 till 28 October.

      Thank you in advance!

      Best regards,
      Lilit Nadzharyan

      5 Answers 19 hours ago
    • buitensorg's Profile Photo

      East/West Coast??

      Italy Yesterday

      Where would you suggest we could stay for a month Jan/Feb next year, in a beautiful town where we can enjoy day trips out .....and soak up the Italian culture! Must be on the coastline.....where it will be a milder winter! Kind thanks, appreciated.

      5 Answers 10 hours ago
    • Help in planning to get to Terra Vibe Park for Depeche Mode concert 2017

      Athens Yesterday

      All the fieldtickets sold out so quickly in Holland that we decided to take a short holiday to Athens, to see the concert in Terra Vibe. We probably arrive on the evening of the concert at around 18:00 at our hotel, and we have to get to the Terra Vibe park (concert starts at 21:30). Preferable by bus, but we're not sure if it fits in the timetable of getting there in time? And if we should buy tickets up front (from who, where?).

      Anyone able to help out here?


      6 Answers Yesterday
    • samitbabu's Profile Photo

      A complete trip around Iceland

      Iceland Yesterday

      Is it possible to do a complete trip around Iceland in 9 days ?

      I'll prefer to spend he first 5 days at the southern coast ( Golden Circle, Skogafoss area, Vik area till Jokulsarlon)

      and just drive around to any two spots in the northern side to reach back to Reyjavik.

      Spend the last couple of days at Reykjavik.

      Need your opinion whether it would be a good decision.
      and maybe suggestion on two spots in the North of north-west Iceland which to cover.


      10 Answers Yesterday
    • Milford sound ferry ride

      New Zealand Yesterday

      Which is the best way to get to Milford sound from Auckland and back in 3 days

      3 Answers 18 hours ago