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    • Thailand Floods - Is koh phangan and other islands safe for travel?

      Thailand 1 hours ago


      I have tickets for Jan 7 - Jan 21st in Thailand - we are doing full moon party in koh phangan and then phuket.
      There is floods and torrential rain all over Thailand islands in the south.

      - Is it safe to even travel there now?
      - If it's safe, will there be enough tourist crowd during Jan first few weeks due to floods and this issue?

      1 Answer 1 hours ago
    • Trekking Kalaw to Inle lake around MARCH 20th 2017

      Myanmar (Burma) 8 hours ago

      Good morning everyone, we're Paty and Paul, a young 26 yo couple, we live in Madrid, Spain. We're overexcited to discover Myanmar from 15-30 march 2017. We would like to do the trekking from Kalaw to Inle lake around MARCH 20th 2017. I would like to know a few things:

      -Do you guys think it's a good period to do the trekking? I'm scared of the extrem hot or humidity at this time
      -Is it really worth it (have seen some pics on google and blogs, but im not sure the views and landscapes will be as beautiful in march!) So, dont wanna walk for nothing if you understand me ;)
      -Which guide do you recommend? Have seen a lot of positive comments on A1 trekking guide tour. Have some of you done it with them?
      -Is it mandatory to do the rage's vaccine?

      thank you in advance for all your precious advices !!!

      Paty & Paul

      1 Answer 6 hours ago
    • bungalow_bill49504's Profile Photo

      Best time to travel

      Thailand 11 hours ago

      I have never been to Thailand and i'm thinking of going there in about 12 months time or so and I was wondering what is the best time of year to travel in Thailand?

      6 Answers 6 hours ago
    • car rental

      Biarritz 14 hours ago

      I need to rent a car in March at Biarritz (BIQ) airport. Does anyone have an opinion on what company is better at tnis location.

      1 Answer 14 hours ago
    • jwhitehouse's Profile Photo

      Auto rental-correct car

      Morocco 17 hours ago

      We two will be driving from Marrakech-Casablanca-Fez-Merzouga-along the Eastern side of Atlas mountains down to Es Saadi back to Marrakech.
      Will we need a 4X4 or will a regular car be satisfactory?

      2 Answers 8 hours ago
    • tomzoo1's Profile Photo

      Snow in April on the roads

      Armenia 19 hours ago

      Hi, with my friends we are going fot two week bicycle tour around Armenia. Time of tour is from April 15th to May 2nd.
      I'm very interested in how high will be still snow at this time. What about with the roads will be open or closed? What about the maintenance of main roads? And the passes like 2000 asl, 2400 asl...
      Any other tips for bike tour at this time of the year?

      1 Answer 2 hours ago
    • Kangaroo Island worth to visit?

      Australia 20 hours ago

      Hi! We are planning a 4 week drive from Sydney to Adelaide in Feb/March. Travel itineary is quite ready however we are not sure if it will be worth to visit Kangaroo Island (time needed, cost for ferry, size of island ...).
      Will visit Wilsons Promontery and a couple of other national parks and are mainly interested in nice landscape and animals.
      Any comments are highly appreciated!
      Kind regards, Laura

      4 Answers 40 minutes ago
    • India rupees

      India 21 hours ago


      Does anyone know what the current situation is in India regarding the Indian rupees?


      8 Answers 10 hours ago
    • Tour guides - Spain

      Spain 21 hours ago

      Can anyone suggest some local tour operators who can arrange short trips (3-5 day) from Madrid to seville, cordoba, and grandada?

      4 Answers 9 hours ago
    • Any Info at All!!

      Cuba 23 hours ago

      Hi All!!

      I bought my flight from AeroMexico. Traveling on February 6-12. Has anyone traveled with them and how was the experience? Is travel insurance recommended?

      9 Answers 17 hours ago
    • transit visa or not please

      Sweden Yesterday

      Hi everyone.

      My name is Abayomi. I reside in Sweden with a two year work permit and am a Nigerian. I want to travel to Nigeria with British airways and virgin Atlantic which means I will collect my bag at Heathrow before transferring to Virgin. Do I need a transit visa?

      5 Answers 21 hours ago
    • anybody from US comes to Boracay?

      Boracay Island Yesterday

      Does anybody from US comes to Boracay this christmas ?


      19 Answers 30 minutes ago
    • chaotic1's Profile Photo

      Best place to buy toys, dollhouse, carved scale furniture

      Bali Yesterday

      I am a miniaturist and I have seen some beautiful Indonesian scale furniture for dollhouses so I would like to know the best area to find anything like that. We will be staying in Ubud and probably taking some craft classes there. Also interested in a cooking class.

      3 Answers 6 hours ago
    • BB + Moorea in April or/vs May/Travel Agency/Plane/Places to stay Help!

      Bora-Bora Yesterday


      So - my mother is turning 60 next time. I'm hoping to take her to BB + Moorea as a surprise (but 2 months after her birthday - since her birthday coincides with my dive trip in march... yes bad me - but that makes it even more of a surprise). Our interests: swimming, snorkeling, adventure, boat rides, scenery. I'm 32 and I am in decent shape. My mother will be 60 and she's also is good shape (wouldn't call her a hiker though)

      Okay - so here's the deal - I need help - if you have to advice me on anything, question #1 is the MOST important because I have to choose my vacation week by the end of this week.

      1. 1 - Time Frame

      June - October - High Season and probably most $$$ so no
      December - March-ish (possibly April) = "wet season"
      I'm thinking I would like the highest chance at beautiful weather - understanding that nothing is guaranteed. So - here I'm thinking either April or May. I'm spending soooo much $$$ - I want the highest chance at great weather and a great trip (without having to pay for "high season").

      From my understanding April and November are shoulder seasons. I was thinking of doing early-mid May - does that seem reasonable/price-wise? Or is May when prices skyrocket?

      2- Travel Agencies:
      I know there's Costco - but I'm NOT sure how lenient they are to changing their set itineraries listed on their sites. Any advice on this is appreciated - please feel free to message me as well.

      3- Places to stay - May coincidence with #2
      Moorea: Garden Bungalow. Definitely would stay in Hilton Resort. I have the HH Hilton Visa - so my plan is to stay 5 nights in Moorea (have 3 free weekend nights from certificates) - so will only pay for 2 (through the agency and book 3 on my own).
      Bora Bora: ABOVE WATER BUNGALOW! This is a toughy - because the prices can be outrageous. I can tell you for a fact we would love a location with views of the Lagoon. I know Le Meridien's price point may work... BUT I've heard from people who've been there before that the water isn't crystal clear like the other locations. Any thoughts/suggestions on other places to stay?

      4- Planes - how to travel
      So... we would like to spend as much possible time in the actual locations (I understand travel can take up a lot of otherwise well spend time on the islands). We obviously have to fly out of Los Angeles - there are 2 planes that typically arrive - one in the morning and another at night. I'm think perhaps get the one that arrives at night - so we can maybe stay in Tahiti for the night (sleep?) then start our adventure to Moorea first then Bora Bora (not sure how the transfers between those Islands work). Any thoughts on this?

      5- Any must-do/must-see activities/suggestions?

      Finally - on a more selfish note - is it worth it to dive in BB/Moorea? I found a site where they have a set price and they provide full equipment (no extra baggage for me to carry)

      Any suggestions/advice is appreciated


      5 Answers 23 hours ago
    • How far out from travel date do you book airfare ?

      Kauai Yesterday

      I'm going to Kauai the beginning of May, and am comparing airfares now. How far out from the trip should I book in order to get the cheapest airfare ? I'm flying from the east coast. Thanks !

      6 Answers 18 hours ago
    • brentdong's Profile Photo

      Airside transit or visitor in transit visa or no visa requirement in heathrow airport?

      Heathrow Yesterday

      Hi everybody, I am Brent, from Vietnam. Now Im living in Hungary and then I have resident permit of an EEA members (as Hungarian resident permit).
      In Jan 2017, my friend (Hungarian) and I (vietnamese, have an EEA resident permit) is going to travel to Vietnam by British Airways, in which we will transit in Heathrow Airport for about 5 hours. We are arriving to heathrow in terminal 3 and then departing in terminal 4. So please help us, in this case, do we need to apply for the airside transit visa or visiting in transit visa?

      1. We have 2 ways ticket (go to vietnam and back to hungary)
      2. We are a Hungarian and Vietnamese (Have hungarian resident permit) and ofc valid passport and vietnamese visa.
      3. British airways has confirmed that our checked bags will be sent directly to the last destination.
      4. We have to change terminal in the Heathrow airport.

      Thanks very much and best regard !!

      6 Answers 4 hours ago
    • Best travel route in January

      Dunhuang Yesterday

      I have read that flights may be cancelled in winter to Dunhuang, I plan to visit in January. Any recommendations for the best way to travel from Wuhan?

    • Howto tip on Kilimanjaro climb trek?


      I will do a private (1 person) 6-days Kilimanjaro climb trek.
      I will have 1 guide, 1 cook and 4 porters.
      How to tip them per day?

      5 Answers 23 hours ago
    • alamtapash's Profile Photo

      Delhi Tour

      Delhi Dec 7, 2016 at 9:18 AM

      I am going to Delhi on 16th Dec, 2016 (at 9:30 PM) along with my wife, two kids (11 years and 7 years) on vacation.
      I want to stay there till 24th Dec; i.e; 8/9 days. i want to visit Shimla, Manali, Agra, Jaipur, Delhi city.

      Would you pls. help me to make my tour plan - in which order the above locations to visit ? Is there any other good places that I missed above?

      Thanking you in advance.

      Shariful Alam

      5 Answers 23 hours ago
    • wintertime

      Kizhi Dec 7, 2016 at 6:11 AM

      We want to visit Kizhi (and further?) at the end of September 2017.
      Is it still possible to use a hydrofoil or other boats?
      When starts the winterseason there?
      Is ther snow in September?
      Many thanks

      1 Answer Dec 7, 2016 at 6:22 AM
    • Rats in Kalaw-Inle Lake trek?

      Kalaw Dec 7, 2016 at 5:17 AM

      Hello everyone,

      This may sound like a bit of a strange question. I was very excited about doing the Kalaw-Inle Lake trek until I read a review from someone saying the house where they stayed at a village was full of rats. I am EXTREMELY afraid of rats, to the point that if this is the case I won't do the trek at all.

      I understand that you may encounter a rat here and there when out and about and despite my phobia I can cope with it if I can "get away" from them if out in the open, but the thought of having rats running around me while I sleep is too much.

      Did anyone else encounter any rats during your trek? All and any information very very appreciated as I was ready to make bookings already but this may change my travel plans a fair bit now.

      Thanks in advance!!!

      2 Answers 23 hours ago
    • budget for stay

      Suez Dec 7, 2016 at 1:28 AM

      I will be staying in hostel and major transportation are taken care by my organization the only things of for food so how much USD is enough for 45days stay..pls answer will be helpful for me

    • Best time to visit

      Prague Dec 7, 2016 at 12:11 AM


      I am planning to visit Prague, Vienna & Bratislava during the second half of March 2017.

      I would be travelling with my wife and 18 month old baby.

      Please advise if this is a good time to be visiting these places. If not, what would be the best time to visit.

      Thank you in advance for your opinion.




      5 Answers Yesterday
    • Base suggestions for a trip to Switzerland

      Switzerland Dec 6, 2016 at 10:15 PM

      I will be in Switzerland in May for about 8, 9 days. I was thinking of staying in 2 places and doing day trips from there. It seems that Lucerne and Bern are good choices. Comments and suggestions are welcome. The main purpose of the trip is the usual - Alps, lakes, lush valleys, etc.
      Can someone also tell me about the Swiss card. I will be using trains for all my trips in the country.
      Thank you

      8 Answers 22 hours ago
    • HDHansen's Profile Photo

      New Year's Eve fireworks and transport

      Amsterdam Dec 6, 2016 at 3:42 PM

      Hello... We may be able to be in Amsterdam for New Year's Eve and are wondering if it's worth it since we don't know the area very well and don't want to fuss over not knowing where we are or how to get where we want to be. Our hotel would be near the airport. So, our questions are... Where are some of the best places to be to watch the fireworks and how concerned should we be about safety? Also, will it be easy to return to the airport in the wee hours of the morning on New Year's Day? ...... Any info would be appreciated...... thnks............

      3 Answers Yesterday
    • Scotlandsdave's Profile Photo

      New Years Eve

      London Dec 6, 2016 at 3:04 PM

      Hi there, I am travelling to London over the new year with my Girlfriend. We've left it a bit last minute but we're wondering if anyone has any good suggestions on how to spend NYE. Whether that be a dinner and dance, street party, and kind of event really to make it a memorable new year? All suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

      4 Answers Dec 7, 2016 at 1:45 AM
    • budget for stay

      Suez Dec 6, 2016 at 11:45 AM

      I'm going to stay in Egypt suez for 45 days ago how much USD I'd needed to bring from my home town pls Rply me as soon as possible coz I'm travelling this weekend ...

      2 Answers Dec 6, 2016 at 6:58 PM
    • Sweclover's Profile Photo

      Piercings in ireland

      Ireland Dec 6, 2016 at 10:39 AM

      This is a totally random question, but I was just wondering how popular piercings are in Ireland? I'm American and have a total of 14 including my tongue, lip, and 2 in my nose..I was just kind of wondering if it's generally accepted or if I'll be getting weird or judging looks from people when I go to visit? I realize it's more than likely not a big deal, but if people who live in Ireland or have visited and know how a majority of the people feel about facial piercings there, I would really appreciate hearing about it. I've never left the country and I'm nervous about everything haha

      5 Answers Dec 7, 2016 at 8:24 AM
    • JanuszBudd's Profile Photo

      Small towns in France

      France Dec 6, 2016 at 10:19 AM

      I would like to explore provincial France, small towns and villages. I have about 3 weeks in May for this project. Has anybody done similar trip?. Any suggestions would be more than welcome.

      13 Answers Yesterday
    • elpariente's Profile Photo

      Guides and books

      Israel Dec 6, 2016 at 4:52 AM

      We are planning a short trip to Israel
      Can you recommend some good travel guide, more interested in the art, culture, locations to visit ... more than in the logistic ( Hotels, restaurants... )
      Also it will be appreciated if you recommend some books of Israel, related to art, culture, travels, history, novels...
      Thank you in advance

      4 Answers Yesterday