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travelling with Children

by hamowen Online Now Sep 23, 2010 at 5:11 PM

We are looking to travel to Ukraine and want to take the children (5&2 yrs old) is this going to be feasible - we have no russian let alone ukrainain language and no bottomless wallet

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    Re: travelling with Children

    by leics Online Now Sep 23, 2010 at 11:19 PM

    I don't think taking the children will make any difference (I am sure the Ukraine caters perfectly well for children) but giving a bit more detail will help VT-ers advise you.

    Where will you be travelling from? Are you looking to stay in one place, or move around? If the latter, how will you travel? Will you be staying in hotels or will you want an apartment?

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  • Re: travelling with Children

    by hamowen Online Now Sep 24, 2010 at 2:09 AM

    Thanks for your reply- we will be travelling from New Zealand. Although fluent in English we have heard that travel in Ukraine can be expensive when not able to converse in Russian or Ukrainian.

    We are open to using trains and buses we are hoping to travel in May so extremes of temperature will unlikely be an issue.

    We travelled to Italy with our daughter when she was 2 and the locals were awesome and accomodating and it was accepted that she could come with us everywhere. I am not sure of the cultural bounds in Ukraine and if children would be seen as an inconvience.

    Hoping that some who have travelled through Ukraine can advise if it needs to be considered.

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    Re: travelling with Children

    by leics Online Now Sep 24, 2010 at 9:32 AM

    Unfortunately I can't help you further, because I've not yet visited Ukraine. Hopefully other Vt-ers will soon be along to advise. The additional details you have given will help, thank you.

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    Re: travelling with Children

    by taurean_traveller Online Now Sep 28, 2010 at 2:39 AM

    I can only pass on some personal experience I don't know if it will help.
    Sergy (Pikine) has passed on many good tips so please use his expertise.

    I went to Ukraine first time in 2003 and could not speak any of the language.
    I never had any problems though being able to read a little of the cyrillic alphabet helped me to form words and that gave me a few ideas as to what was what.
    In the bigger cities I found that some people do speak English and are very keen to practice on you.
    In restaurants many have an English menu,certainly in the cities I have visited,Odessa Nikolaev,Kiev and some Crimean places I have had no problems eating out.

    Children are widely seen in the eateries,so personally don't think it a problem.Sorry I can't expand on the children bit but I have seen many couples with young children travelling about,I honestly don't think it a big problem

    I found that hotels and apartments are on a par with many EU countries as far as price goes,but eating out is a lot cheaper.
    For one example I recently had a salad a large beer and fruit juice(In Nikolaev) and it cost around 4 pounds sterling though you may get cheaper.I suspect it will be a little more expensive in Kiev or Odessa.

    As for travel.trains are not expensive if tickets are bought locally.
    My wife did an overnight trip from Odessa to Lvov (about 16 hours on the train)and it cost 150 Grivna (around 13 sterling) and my sister in law did Nikolaev to Kiev (around 9 hours) for 120 Grivna (about 10 sterling).These are examples of price/time on the train
    I don't know about booking on line I suspect it could be more costly.
    As a family of 4 you would buy a coupe with beds and linen.(Linen used to be extra but someone told me it's now included in the price....best check)

    Getting from the airports to the centres can be costed by looking in the Kiev part of VT.
    From Odessa to centre 150 Grivna by taxi.
    Mini bus journey of 130km cost me 46 Grivn.

    These are only pieces of info from my recent trip that you may want to use.

    If you prepare for purchasing tickets in sign language or get someone to write down what you need to say then it will be helpful,

    For me Ukraine is a fascinating place,I find the people very friendly.
    Cultrally you will find it quite a difference but it has fascinating history and if you need a guide post it on here and you will get responses.

    Highly recommend Crimea for scenery and climate.
    Kiev is big and busy.
    Odessa a rapidly tourist attraction with a Port and International airport.

    Good luck

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  • plainnuts's Profile Photo

    Re: travelling with Children

    by plainnuts Online Now Oct 6, 2010 at 4:16 PM

    children will not be a problem in Yalta. the beaches are mostly pebbles but the water is fantastic. there are a number of places to eat that have menus in English and a few have signs out front in English. be prepared to pay extra for taxi if you don't speak any Russian. Yalta is considered the most expensive village in Ukraine. be prepared for a bait and switch if you order apartment online, most rental agency's don't own the apartments and the owners rent to the highest bidder. Hotels can be booked online with no problem but cost a little more. you will probably need some one to purchase train tickets in advance they fill up quickly. normally you can have some one purchase the tickets in advance for around 10 usd. if I recall correctly the price to buy all 4 spaces in second class was around 140 usd round trip from Kiev. if you are taking children go to the sea theater they sell tickets all over. if you would like more click the link in my profile or just send me a message.

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