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Legoland question

by MedMen Online Now Oct 10, 2010 at 6:39 AM

Good day for all

Question for ‘em parents whom already had their pockets emptied in Legoland…

My son is a big Lego fan, much like the child that hides within his dad… we plane to end our London vacation visiting Legoland, actually departing to Heathrow just at the end of the visit. I know there is a mega Lego store in the park: does anyone remembers how were the prices there compared to Toys R Us or Hamelis for instance? I don’t mind paying 10% more for the adventure of buying Lego at Legoland, but would prefer to do my shopping in Toys R Us the day before, if the difference is bigger.

Thank you for your help.

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  • KakapoTheParrot's Profile Photo

    Re: Legoland question

    by KakapoTheParrot Online Now Oct 10, 2010 at 11:39 AM

    As I recall the prices are pretty well what you get elsewhere. What's different is that you can see a pretty full set of the Lego range at the time you visit. Obviously, this changes from year to year so a look at the Lego web site should give you an idea of what's new. The other thing that's really exciting (says the Father who decided his daughter needed a Lego train set for Christmas and made suitable arrangements with the White-bearded One) is that they have (or at least had) a Pick and Mix. Granted it's not cheap but when you need more roofing bricks, extra doors and windows, and particular pieces for building merry-go-rounds it's just brilliant.

    Now, where was I? Got a bit carried away there. Oh yes, Legoland prices. Not sure about Toys R Us, but Hamelis is expensive. Not quite the same as going home with a box under your arm, but we found Amazon is actually your best bet and for older hard to obtain stuff, ebay.

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  • Re: Legoland question

    by MedMen Online Now Oct 10, 2010 at 1:29 PM

    Thank you for answering and sharing…

    As I am a tourist at the UK, Amazon is out of question for me: the buying procedure (at a store) is also, after all, part of the Childs adventure. I have checked various UK web sites, and it seems Toys R Us, Hamelis, John Smith etc. all offer the same prices, sometimes with just one p difference. Anyway: I think we will actually stick to the option of buying the Lego's at Legoland, as you suggested. Thanks again.

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  • rlg2706's Profile Photo

    Re: Legoland question

    by rlg2706 Online Now Oct 12, 2010 at 5:27 AM

    We are regular visitors to Legoland and I would say that the prices are fairly standard with what you could expect in the toy shops outside of Legoland. The Legoland shop offers a far greater selection and of course it's more fun for the kids to buy something after their visit to the Legoland Park. I wouldn't go to the trouble of shopping elsewhere. They also often have sale items which can be a good bargain. last year they had the Harry Potter castle half price. I didn't buy it as my son wasn't interested but this year he has decided he wants it!!! Just avoid the clothing shop, the prices in there are extortionate!

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