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    • Tibet Tour 17 Dec 2014 - 31 Dec 2014

      Tibet 42 minutes ago

      If anyone is interested in joining our tour, and making it cheaper for each person, please contact me on

      Currently our group consists of two people and will cost us approximately $2,300 Australian dollars each.

      The tour itinerary is below.

      Day 1: Arrive in Lhasa

      Welcome to Lhasa! Transfer to your hotel and get settled.

      Day 2: Lhasa

      In the morning, visit the Jokhang Temple, the holiest temple in all of Tibet. From the rooftop you will see pilgrims from all over Tibet prostrating in front to the Jowo Buddha statue inside the monastery. Afterwards, walk through the Barkhor, a famous shopping street filled with goods and souvenirs from Tibet, Nepal, and India. Spend some time drinking sweet tea in a traditional tea house located on a rooftop overlooking the bustling Barkhor. Then in the afternoon, visit Drepung, one of the three most famous monasteries in Lhasa. Drepung is located just outside Lhasa on Gambo Utse Mountain. Once home to as many as 10,000 monks, the enormous monastic complex is the site of many prayer halls, dormitories, and temples. Just below the monastery is the Nechung temple, the former home of the state oracle. Afterwards, visit visit the Norbulingka Palace, the summer Palace of the Dalai Lama. In the late afternoon, go to the Barkhor street, follow the local pilgrims from all of Tibet.

      Day 3: Lhasa

      In the morning, visit the Potala Palace, the greatest monumental structure in all of Tibet. The Potala is 13 stories high and holds countless treasures in its many rooms. Built in 637 AD, the Potala has been home to the Dalai Lama lineage for more than a thousand years. Afternoon, visit Sera monastery, where you can watch monks clap their hands and stomp their feet as they debate Buddhist philosophy in the courtyard. If you enjoy hiking, walk the hour-long circumambulation path around the monastery complex.

      Day 4: Lhasa to Ganden Monastery, driving 70km, 1.5hours

      One of the three most important monasteries in Lhasa (along with Sera and Drepung), Ganden sits high on a mountain ridge. Explore the monastery prayer halls, then hike around the ruins on the backside of the mountain and do a kora (circumambulation) around the monastery — it’s a short hike that offers great views over a vast valley. If you’re up for it, do the longer kora, and climb way on top of a mountain ridge and fly some prayer flags. Guide will arrange your yaks here. Stay in the Ganden Monastery Guesthouse or Camp nearby.

      Day 5: Ganden to Yama Do, Trekking 5-6 hours, 17km

      The first day of trekking begins at the highest point of the Ganden Kora. From here walk along a saddle trail. After leaving this trail with wondrous views traverse the west side of the ridge before passing through an ancient Hepu village. Later in the day pass through Ani Pagong, a narrow bottleneck in the trail and former site of a nunnery. From Ani Pagong the trail steadily climbs for one hour through marshy meadows to Yama Do. Above Yama Do the valley’s watercourse splits into three tributaries.You will end the day with an ascent towards Yama Do, a few nomads families used to dwel their tents in this area for whole summer time, set up camp and overnight camping.

      Day 6: Yama Do-Tsotup Chu Valley 5-7 hours • 10km

      In the morning leave Yama Do. the valley and make our way through a steep gully rising form the stream bank. Finally, we climb over the Shug La 5250m and begin our climb down through treacherous boulder fields. Later, we cross Tsotup Chu, a large stream winding through the valley floor. Notice that the Tibetan mastiffs of the namad family on the other shore of the river is little aggressive. A comfortable camp will be set up in one of the many herder fields and overnight camping.

      Day 7: Tsotup Chu Valley-Herders’ Camps 5 – 6 hours,14km

      Today follow the Tsotup Chu down through its tributary and head towards the Chitu La pass 5100m, then trek through the rocks along a beautiful lake just after the pass. After ascending this rocky part quickly descend down through several twisted curves in the valley, and encounters some nomads settlements within the valley, find a beautiful place to camp in one of the fields surrounding the stream. Over night in camping.

      Day 8: 08 Herders’ Camps-Yamalung Hermitage Tempel- Samye Monastery, 10 hours, 39km

      The trail gets wider and easier as we go through scrub forests in the main valley where beautiful streams and lush forests surrounded. However, the desert is close by. The next few hours are arguably the most delightful part of the entire trek. More than 15 types of scrub trees, blooming rhododendrons, and vast meadow will amaze you every step of the way. After passing through this wondrous landscape arriving at the first permanent village Changtang since Hepu. This village named after the northern Tibet Changtang Plateau. From Changtang, look south to the distant mountains; this is the range on the far side of the Yarlung Tsangpo valley. Forty-five minutes down the valley is the turn point for the Yamalung Hermitage. It is nearly a one-hour steep climb to the hermitage. Yamalung is where Guru Rinpoche is said to have meditated and received empowerment from the long-life deity Tsepame (Amitayus).

      The hermitage consists of several small temples, and housed few meditators. Below the temple complex is a sacred spring and an old relief carving in stone of Guru Rinpoche, King Trisong Detsen and the Indian scholar Shantarakshita, all of whom lived in the 8th century. The cave Guru Rinpoche meditated in is enshrined by the Drupug Mara Titsang Temple. Inside are the footprint and handprint of the saint said to have been created when he magically expanded the size of the cave.

      Trek from Yamalung in a motorable track for about 40-50minutes, you will get to Nyango, where you can take a tractor or your landcruiser will pick you up to Samye Monastery or keep walk for another 3 hours to Samye. Visit Samye Monastery in the afternoon. Overnight at Samye Monastery guesthouse.

      Note: Add an extra day to your itinerary if you would like to take an incredible hike up to the Chimpu meditation caves above Samye.

      Day 9: Samye Monastery-Yumbulakang-Trandruk Temple-Tsethang 3500m

      Drive from Samye to Tsedang cross the Yurlung Tsangpo River either by bridge or boat, you will get to the ancient capital of Tibet prior to Lhasa and fertile valley of Yarlung is also known the cradle of Tibetan civilization, Here, visit Yumbulakang Palace and Trandruk Temple. Yumbulhakang Palace is an ancient palace in the Yarlung valley. According to legend it was the first building in Tibet and built as the palace of the first Tibetan king-Nyatri Tsenpo. Yumbulhakang Palace stands on a hill. You can ride a horse up to the temple or walk up to there. Over night in Tsethang.

      Day 10: Tsethang – Gyantse 3950m, 268km, 5.5 hours

      Beginning your adventure in the Himalayas, drive to Gyantse. Along the way cross over the Kamba-La (4794m) and the Karo-La passes (5010m), which boast spectacular views. After Kamba-La, arrive at Yamdrok Lake, a holy turquoise-colored lake with stunning scenery. Stay the night in Gyantse.

      Day 11: Gyantse – Shigatse 3836m, 90km, 1.5 hours

      In the morning, visit the Pelkor Chode Kumbum and Gyantse Monastery followed by a two hour drive to Shigatse. Here, see the giant Buddha in the famous Tashilhunpo monastery. Time allowing, join pilgrims in walking the long circumambulation path around the monastery, or explore the city streets. Spend the night in Shigatse.

      Day 12: Shigatse – Shegar (New Tingri) 4500m, 240km, 4 hours

      In the morning, drive to Shegar (4350m) over Tso-La pass (4500m) and Gyatso-La pass (5252m). On the way, if time allows, make an excursion to visit Sakya Monastery (4280m). Sakya Monastery is unique because of its medieval Mongolian architecture. Walk up the kora path alongside the monastery to see the ruins of the older buildings, from which you can see great views of the monastery and surrounding valley. In the afternoon arrive in Shegar. Visit Shegar Monastery or climb up the ruins of Shegar Dzong for beautiful views. Overnight in Shegar.

      Day 13: Shegar – Rongbuk Monastery 5000m – Everest Base Camp 5250m, 100km, 8 hours

      After passing through scenic valleys and driving over rocky mountains, you will reach Rongbuk Monastery, where you will have a fabulous view of Mt. Everest. Rongbuk monastery is the highest monastery in the world. Rongbuk Monastery to Everest is about 8km, and along the way there are spectacular views of the world’s tallest mountain. You can either take a two-hour hike or ride a bus to Everest Base Camp. Stay the night in a warm yak-hair tent guesthouse run by a Tibetan family. (Alternative accommodation: Rongbuk Monastery Guesthouse)

      Note: During the off-season, buses do not run and the tent guesthouses are closed.

      Day 14: Everest Base Camp – Nepal border (Zhangmu) 2300m, 240km, 10 hours

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