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San Miguel de Tucumán

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    • Island-lover-shari's Profile Photo

      form to pay reciprocity fee

      Argentina Jul 1, 2015 at 2:38 PM

      Thanks, everyone, for the info about getting to the correct travel site to pay the reciprocity fee. I'm confused!
      I entered the Provincia Pagos website and registered.
      Then I received an email verifying that my account has been created. No entry code was included, as per the directions. The only info in the email was my user name and password. There's an X'ed out picture, so no clue as to what that's about...
      The directions tell me to click "continue" the website to complete the process, however when I click on it I loop back to the same directions page instead of a form described where I input my personal and credit card info.
      Has anybody been through the process that can help? I am beyond frustrated.
      Thank you!

    • How to get to El Chalten from Punta Arenas in March

      Fitz Roy Jul 22, 2015 at 10:59 AM


      Does anyone know how to get to El Chalten from Punta Arenas?
      1. Is there a certain bus company that runs that route?
      2. Does the bus run in March?
      3. How long does it take?
      4. Do you know the bus schedule?
      5. Do you know if I would need to purchase tickets in advance?

      Thank you!

    • Posadas - San Ignacio - Puerto Iguazu

      San Ignacio Jul 20, 2015 at 10:47 AM

      Hola. Me gustaría conocer las ruinas en mi viaje a Iguazú. Mi idea es salir de Posadas por la tarde y conocer las ruinas tarde/noche con el show de luces, (entiendo que demora 1 hora) y luego partir con dirección a Puerto Iguazú (entiendo que demora 3 horas) para poder visitar las cataratas del lado argentino al día siguiente.

      Alguien me puede indicar si existen buses para hacer este trayecto (considerando que saldría de San Ignacio en la noche). De ser el caso, frecuecias, necesidad de reserva, o cualquier otro dato.

      Muchas gracias anticipadas!

    • Ice Treking Age Restriction

      El Calafate Jul 4, 2015 at 7:11 AM

      Is there any way for an "in-shape" 62 yr old to get into the "big trek" tour of the Moreno glacier? I'm with my two daughters and would love to take the tour with them.


    • Drayman151's Profile Photo

      Best time of the month

      Argentina Jul 5, 2015 at 2:43 PM

      when is the best time to visit and for nice weather and climate ?

    • Need info to make appropriate airline reservation from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls

      Buenos Aires Jul 1, 2015 at 3:04 PM

      We will be overnight in Buenos Aires and only have one day available to go to Iguazu Falls
      Argentina side. So we can take the flight from AEP to IGR at 5:40 AM that gets in at 7:25 or the one that depart Buenos Aires at 9:05 and gets in at 11 AM. My concern is that the later flight we lose 2 hrs of precious sightseeing time since the park opens at 9AM...but then if we take the earlier flight we have to be at the airport at what time????? in order to make the flight. In that case we may lose sleep time. To me the sightseeing is more precious than sleep as we will not have the opportunity to every go again...BUT on the otherhad if we need to be there hours before then loss of sleep can make us too tired to enjoy what we are seeing. Your recommendations will be most helpful!

    • Read the warnings-Now I am scared

      Buenos Aires Jul 2, 2015 at 5:22 AM

      I understand "be ware", but reading the "dangers" section has me downright scared. I am not sure if there are certain areas to stay away from...or if this is directed to normal tourist areas...but it sounded like even the nice areas are suspect. We have not made hotel reservations yet so further information will be appreciated. I never wear flashy jewelry and such and I certainly don't look elite, but that being said, if I am a tourist and want to take pictures I usually will have a camera around my neck and that screams tourist!
      We arrive at EZE in the evening and then our flight to Iguazu is early the next morning (probably the 5:40 am flight out of aep) so I was thinking of getting a hotel near aep airport to cut down the travel time in the morning. Is this an okay plan or do I need to rethink it? What hotel or area do you recommend. We will have large suitcases that we will be leaving with the hotel while we are overnight in Iguazu, so the hotel needs to be reputable. Then the next day we will gly back to BA and stop buy the hotel on our way to our cruise and pick up the other that way we only take one with us for the overnight. Otherwise, we will be traveling with two each plus a very small carryon (with the laptop)...and my husband is 72 years old so I really need to make things as easy as possible for us.


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