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Getting from Lorient to Benodet?

by fozzie_the_great Online Now Apr 9, 2010 at 5:28 PM

Hi all,

I'm planning on flying into Lorient Airport and staying in Bénodet, what would be the best (i.e. easiest and cheapest!) way for me to get there. I will be travelling alone with two kids. I'd rather not go down the car hire route.


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    Re: Getting from Lorient to Benodet?

    by cubsur Online Now Apr 10, 2010 at 1:43 AM

    Not easy, especially with two kids in tow, but here goes.

    Benodet is about 50 miles from Lorient. It has no railway station.

    I don't know the area particularly well and it is a good while since my last visit.

    The airport at Lorient is about 7 miles by road from the town and so far as I can tell there are no buses so a taxi is the only way to get there.

    There are trains between Lorient and Quimper, the nearest station to Benodet, which take about 40 minutes. Trains are irregular but run once or twice every hour for most of the day. Ticket is 11 Euros by most trains.

    From Quimper to Benodet it's about 8 miles. There is a bus which somehow manages to take nearly an hour for the journey!


    is the current winter timetable. I would imagine they run more often in summer.

    I hope that helps get you started, but I fear that hiring a car would reduce the 'are we there yet' factor considerably unless yours don't mind train and bus rides.

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  • Re: Getting from Lorient to Benodet?

    by fozzie_the_great Online Now Apr 10, 2010 at 12:53 PM

    Thank you for the prompt replies.

    Two buses and a train does sound a little problamatic with a toddler in tow!

    I'm thinking a taxi may be the best option. Any idea how much I could expect to pay? We are staying at either the L'Atlanttique campsite in Beig-meil, or La Pointe St. Gilles in Bénodet. I haven't decided yet.

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    Re: Getting from Lorient to Benodet?

    by alza Online Now Apr 10, 2010 at 9:42 PM

    Link below is L'Atlantique in Beg Meil. Under "Getting there" it indicates that there are buses from Quimper to Benodet and to Beg Meil.


    Next link is La Pointe St-Gilles in Benodet. The French version, under "Infos utiles" (useful information), says there is a shuttle bus fm Quimper to Benodet -- that's why I gave you the link in French version so you could see that. The English version only mentions "bus", but that's already good to know.


    As others have indicated, it is a bit complicated, especially with Lorient being in one department (Morbihan), and Quimper & Benodet being in another (Finistère.) Local transportation is not necessarily coordinated between the two departments, for one thing.

    The Lorient Airport at Ploemeur is called Lann-Bihoué. It is 9k WEST of Lorient and many taxi companies serve it. It won't cost much to go 9k and you have no choice apparently. I don't know of any bus between that airport and Lorient centre.
    So Taxi to the Gare SNCF (train station), rue Edouard Beauvais in Lorient.
    Train from Lorient to Quimper, about 10 Euros. Duration about 45 minutes. Many trains daily.

    In Quimper, the bus station is in front of train station. Here's a link indicating BUS SCHEDULE Benodet to Quimper. On the left, week days. On the right, Sundays and holidays.


    I think there is or was a train strike and it may be impossible to get results online for train tickets from Lorient to Quimper right now.
    You can consult other services if you need to know train schedules immediately. I got results in RailEurope by looking up Lorient to Quimper.

    You said you prefer not to hire a car, it's your call. I went to Benodet twice for holidays -- we drove all over the place all the time, I needed my car for many out of the way places.
    The way Benodet is located at the mouth of the River Odet already sort of isolates it. One can't just follow a coastal road over there. You must leave the main road each time you wish to go to a town by the ocean, then drive back to that road and keep going until you see directions for another town by the ocean. My father had wanted to accompany me on that trip and wanted us to walk!!! He couldn't make it but he wasn't sorry when I told him about all this back and forth. :)

    If you plan to stay in one place a lot, especially with the kids, it's not going to be expensive to take taxi, train then bus. And not difficult either, once you know how to go about it. All the best!

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