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Budget and packing

by travellingrose Online Now Mar 22, 2013 at 1:04 AM

Trying to budget and plan for my forthcoming Japan trip 4- 24 April, visiting Kyoto, Hiroshima, Kanazawa, Takayama,Matsumoto,Yudanaka, Tokyo and Kamakura.
Am I right to expect daytime temp across this rage of places to be approx. 12-22C? and maybe down to 0 at night? Plan to pack light clothes to 'layer'. Advice, please- are shorts or cut off trousers acceptable in towns? Are there any dress codes e.g. for temples? Any other packing suggestions? Things I might not obviously think about which would be useful? Will be carrying rucksack, and at 60yrs don't want it too heavy!
Budget- will be trying to be frugal... any suggestions for cheap eating? How much can I expect to pay for basic noodle dish? Are there any cheap chains to look out for? Where do Japanese people at out on a budget?
Want to keep up eating fresh fruit- any idea of approx price of, say, kilo of apples, pears - which fruits most plentiful?
Cheapest places to go for a beer? Approx how much for large bottle in a bar? a supermarket?

Any other general tips would be appreciated- can't wait , loos a fascinating country!

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  • Rabbityama's Profile Photo

    Re: Budget and packing

    by Rabbityama Online Now Mar 22, 2013 at 4:23 AM

    April is when it begins to get warm usually, so I think your idea to pack light clothes that you can adjust with layers is a good idea.

    Shorts are acceptable, and there is no dress code at most temples.

    Udon restaurants, soba, and ramen are all places to get cheap food. In the Kansai region, Nakau is a good cheap one. There are many others, such as Yoshinoya, Matsuya, and Sukiya (though I personally don't care for Sukiya).

    Fruits are expensive in Japan. For example, regular priced strawberries cost 390 yen for a pack with 10-15 berries. Peaches can be 300-400 yen per peach. Prices do vary according to location, season, and where the fruits come from. There are also sales, of course.
    The cheapest fruits are bananas and pineapples. Canned fruits are often 100 yen but I'm sure that's not what you want.

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  • GrumpyDiver's Profile Photo

    Re: Budget and packing

    by GrumpyDiver Online Now Mar 22, 2013 at 5:03 AM

    The box lunches sold in the stores near the railway stations are a good deal, as are some of the smaller family run restaurants or the ones found in some of the department stores. Takayama is in the mountains and we found it to be a bit cooler there than in Tokyo and Kyoto (that being said we were there at the end of June and early July; so we can't compare)

    A agree with Rabbityama - fresh fruit is available, but only at highway robbery prices. A very strong farmer's lobby keeps prices high. I don't think we had any fresh fruit during the 3 - 4 weeks when we were in Japan. Our daughter moved to Japan in January and the this she tells us that she misses the most from home is fresh fruit.

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  • Re: Budget and packing

    by travellingrose Online Now Mar 22, 2013 at 8:35 AM

    Thanks for the helpful info- looks like I'll have to get used to canned fruit!

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  • SfumatoPants's Profile Photo

    Re: Budget and packing

    by SfumatoPants Online Now Mar 22, 2013 at 6:36 PM

    I think you are from Britain... not sure where, but Japan is cheaper than London, for example. Fruit is the same price in Japan as in Vancouver BC, where I'm from, and according to friends from other places like Australia, the prices are very similar. From my experience, food in general is cheaper than the West Coast of North America, San Francisco for instance.
    Bunch of grapes - 500
    Three perfect oranges - 390
    Three perfect white peaches - 390
    pint of berries - 390
    4 bananas - 250

    Beer can be had for 290 a glass in many restaurants, and proper British pint of Guiness for around 800. A bowl of ramen for 700.
    As far as temperatures go, expect into the mid twenties. It will be warm, but I don't think you need shorts. If you are interested in packing light, don't bring many clothes, but buy them as you need from cheap stores like Uniqlo - practically disposable.

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  • cheesecake17's Profile Photo

    Re: Budget and packing

    by cheesecake17 Online Now Mar 23, 2013 at 12:24 AM

    Prices of fruits has gone down very much and they are affordable in these days...Peaches goes for about 100-200yen (one) depending where you buy..

    groceries stores chain prices(Aeon) are affordable..while walking around the streets you will be able to find some fruits stand or some small family run business with prices around 100 yen..or less than 200 yen for apples or peaches..(talking individual)

    a bag of 5 apples/ oranges goes for 298yen these days...

    While you stick to little markets or groceries stores you will be fine in finding some affordable fruits...(usually you can find a side table where some fruits are discounted. but still edible that same day)
    If you go into a department store basement then that is a whole different story..you will be shocked at the prices...For one probably the department store pays high taxes for the land it sit on

    two , those kinds of fruits are for "gift giving"..(wrap looking packages)...

    and 3, usually the prices you see there is more expensive than on the street or small family run business..

    Many convenient stores (7 -eleven, family mart, circle -k) found all over the place, sells fruits now and they run below 200 yen..Lunch boxes , many kinds of breads are discounted later in the day..(sometimes with even 50% off)..

    Supermarkets also have discount time after 5 pm or later just before closing time..


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