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    • visiting /sightseeing

      Lake District National Park 2 hours ago

      - What are the most scenic and accessible- by car - thing/places to visit in the Lake D NP?

      Any reasonable place to stay?
      Great hikes - 3-4 hours?

    • Taxi from Fojnica to Prokosko

      Fojnica 5 hours ago

      Hello, is there any taxi/car rental from fojnica to prokosko?

    • Palanga and the coast in late September/ beginning of October + car rental - pros and cons...

      Lithuania 6 hours ago

      We'll be in Lithuania for a week, starting on September 27th. It's our first time there.
      Is it worth renting a car and driving up to the coast at this time of the year?

      Any recommendations and opinions regarding renting a car for a part of this trip (preferably convincing and well-explained opinions...) will be very much appreciated... Should we rent one? For how long (considering we do want to spend a few days in Vilnius and Trakai)? If we do rent a car - where should we go? (we're interested especially in nature and photography, less in history/religion).

    • gdm7778's Profile Photo

      Transfagarasan Highway (DN7C) Status

      Romania 9 hours ago

      Hello, I'm planning to drive the Transfagarasan Highway (DN7C) during a visit on 23 September. Is there a Romanian website that maintains the open/closed status of the highway. I have read that it normally is open until around 31 October, but I have had friends tell me that is is closed after 1 September. Where is the official source of information?

    • Clubbing in Berlin

      Berlin Yesterday

      We will be in Berlin for 4 days in December.looking for some clubs.we are 3 boys from India.wondering what we should wear (as it is Winter) so we can get into clubs like berghain and watergate.

    • Arad - Mako, any regular bus or minibus?

      Arad Aug 25, 2015 at 8:22 AM

      I have to go to mako, how can I get there from Arad? By bus, mini-bus or coach, please? Thank you for any helpful answer.

    • Crossing lakes Kungleden mid-to-late september

      Norrbottens Län Aug 19, 2015 at 1:19 PM

      Hi there!

      Together with my girlfriend I am planning to walk the Kungsleden mid-to-late september. I am particularly worried about crossing the lakes at Sitojaure and Akste coming from the north.

      If we arrive around the 20th of september at these places, how are our chances of even getting to the other side? Are there ways around?


    • Parties in September

      Croatia Aug 17, 2015 at 8:35 AM

      Hello we are also going on September to Croatia. We are looking for some sick parties, sadly the clubs in Zrče are already closed.

      What are some places to go for parties in September in Croatia?

    • hikerroeland's Profile Photo

      Hotel Riu Costa Lago

      Torremolinos Aug 16, 2015 at 7:58 AM

      Does anyone know if you can get non alcoholic beer in the all-in from Hotel Riu Costa Lago?

    • Night out in Stockport

      Stockport Aug 14, 2015 at 12:38 PM

      I am visiting Stockport plaza Saturday night after that still want to go out any ideas I am 50!and I like soul and Motown music any ideas

    • statue identification

      Budapest Aug 14, 2015 at 8:32 AM

      Does  anyone  recognize  this  statue?  I  took  the  picture  in  Budapest  in  a  hurry  and  I  can't  even  remember  for  sure  where ,  but  it  could've  been  near  Gundel.  I  don't  know  what  it  is  a  statue (the  name)  of  or  if  the  place  it  is  located  by  gives  it  some  type  of  significance.  Maybe  a  games  store.  Anyone  know  where  it  is  or  any  information?

    • Ciocanesti village

      Ciocanesti Aug 14, 2015 at 2:42 AM

      Dear all

      Is it worldwide stay a night in Ciocanesti Village and any sightseeing place to visit or hiking???

      Best rgds

    • Bus to Punkva Caves

      Blansko Aug 13, 2015 at 9:28 PM

      Could anyone tell me if the bus that goes to the Punkva Caves also go to the Katerinska Caves? Which one will it arrive first, please? Thank you for your help.

    • Still busy in september ?

      Sunny Beach Aug 13, 2015 at 1:04 AM

      Hi . I thought to go to Sunny beach in mid september , is it still busy there at that time? For young people how wants to go out to parties and have fun ?
      Still good for parties holiday ?

    • Still busy in mid september

      Laganas Aug 13, 2015 at 12:42 AM

      Hi . I thought to go to Laganas(zante) in mid september , is it still busy there at that time? For young people how wants to go out to parties and have fun ?

    • nightlife

      Hartlepool Aug 12, 2015 at 3:46 AM

      Is it safe to go in pubs I am a young 50 any Good nightclubs in area also Middlesbrough and stockton

    • Beach Bianca

      Le Cap d'Agde Aug 11, 2015 at 7:20 AM

      Asking again.........does any one happen to know the Name of the Guy who runs the Beachbar AND Mattresses and Parasols on Beach Bianca.


    • Croquette take away playa blanca lanzarote

      Playa Blanca Aug 11, 2015 at 6:06 AM

      Hi there,
      I'm new to this forum and I hope someone can help me. Can anyone tell me if they know of a good restaurant that will do take away spanish croquettes in playa blanca lanzarote? I adore the local fish shop near the harbour and cook for myself much of the time but would love to find these tasty little bites somewhere local to take back to our holiday accommodation? Please can you help?

    • Bladewings's Profile Photo

      Skalunda Barrows

      Sweden Aug 10, 2015 at 10:01 PM

      Hi, I'm considering visiting Skalunda barrows and the church, staying a night in Lidköping and getting the bus there which apparently takes 20 minutes. Is it easy to do explore on foot without a bike? I'm asking because my son can't ride an ordinary bike due to autism.


    • flamenco dancing

      Monda Aug 8, 2015 at 1:46 PM

      What day is the flamenco dancing, in the square, in Monda ?

    • Names of faces

      Gjirokaster Aug 4, 2015 at 9:16 AM

      Can anyone put names to the eight faces on the Martyrs' Cemetery Monument. I think I can identify Bule and Persefoni, also Fato Berberi, but an struggling with the others.

    • Car parking Puttgarden

      Puttgarden Aug 4, 2015 at 6:49 AM

      We will be taking the ferry to Rodby on Saturday for a cycling holiday in Denmark. We need a parking place for our car in or close to Puttgarden for about 2 weeks. Any advice or recommendation for a suitable and not too expensive car park would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    • akis3k's Profile Photo

      URGENT!! 15 days in Bulgaria - Please advise

      Bulgaria Aug 1, 2015 at 8:18 AM

      Where to go/stay economically? From whom to rent a car? What to do/see? What to buy? What to eat?

      We are arriving at Sofia Airport in the last week of August 2015 with our TWO CHILDREN, 4 YEARS OLD, and would like to rent a car to go around Buglaria, stay at a few (4 or 5) different places for a few days each time in economical hotel apartment accommodation, going out day trips around the area, before moving on to the next place of stay and would be grateful of advice as to:


      and "Where to go/stay economically, from whom to rent a car, where to go, what to buy, what to eat?"

      Before we return to the airport to fly back home.

      PLEASE LET US KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE as we need to make booking very soon now - we only bought the flight tickets so far.

      Thanks a lot!


      PS - Would it be good/advisable to cross into Romania too - what to see?

    • Phyllis-Omar's Profile Photo

      From Prishtina airport to city center

      Pristina Jul 31, 2015 at 9:30 AM

      We are travelling to Kosovo in September and we are 5 people. After landing to Prishtina airport we will head to Prizren.
      As far as I know there are buses from Prishtina to Prizren. How frequent are they and how long does it cost?
      On the other hand what are the transportation options from airport to city center? Are there public buses or shuttle bus?

    • Muscovite's Profile Photo

      August festival

      Stockholm Jul 31, 2015 at 6:48 AM

      I understand there will be only tourists around as any sensible Stockholmare is already on vacation.
      With this festival - mainly in the streets - are there any places to avoid? I don't mean anything dangerous, just don't like noise. (Don't see Kunliga Operan to take part)

    • gdm7778's Profile Photo

      Transfagarasan Highway (DN7C) Status

      Romania 9 hours ago

      Hello, I'm planning to drive the Transfagarasan Highway (DN7C) during a visit on 23 September. Is there a Romanian website that maintains the open/closed status of the highway. I have read that it normally is open until around 31 October, but I have had friends tell me that is is closed after 1 September. Where is the official source of information?

    • The best way to get there from Paris

      Zundert 10 hours ago


      I am a van gogh fans and planning to go to his birth place in Sept this year but I couldn't find enough information on the internet about the transportation around the zundert area. I will leave from paris, may i know what is the best way to zundert? THANKS A LOT!

    • Car & Driver

      Reggio di Calabria 11 hours ago

      Where can I get car & driver?

      2 Answers 10 hours ago
    • mahalheart's Profile Photo

      2 days pass ( train 'bus)

      Paris 12 hours ago

      im staying for 2 days 2 nights in paris, is it better if I get a 2 pass for me and my wife or just get a ticket as we go

      3 Answers 11 hours ago
    • mahalheart's Profile Photo

      oyster card

      London 12 hours ago

      I will be in london for a one full day and then return after 3 weeks for 4 days, if I buy the oyster card , how long does the oyster card before it expires, I quess I have to buy 2 cards, for me and my wife, how much minimum load do I have to buy to use it for a 5 days stay in London,

      4 Answers 8 hours ago
    • by car from Wurzburg to Fussen

      Schloss Neuschwanstein 14 hours ago

      Does anyone have any recommendations for places to visit, restaurants, things to do during the day,where to sleep

      1 Answer 13 hours ago
    • Eating with children - restaurant recommendations

      Taormina 15 hours ago

      I know Sicilians are generally really accommodating of children, but does anyone have any personal recommendations on places to eat with them, that’s not too expensive?

      4 Answers 10 hours ago
    • heathrow airport

      Heathrow 17 hours ago

      i arrive heathrow from usa and connecting flight is out of gatwick, i assume i have to go through customs, correct since I am leaving the heathrow airport. If i am correct, where do I go for customs at heathrow.

      7 Answers 10 hours ago
    • Where this picture was captured

      Stuttgart 19 hours ago

      The old picture below was captured  when i visited Stuttgart in 1996, i try to find the precise location of the snack shop in picture .Any information from you about this picture will be highlyappreciated.


      Andarchen in Taipei,Taiwan

      4 Answers 14 hours ago
    • options of places to stay apart from Nice. ☺

      Nice 21 hours ago

      We are staying in Barcelona till 30th and are looking to stay somewhere with a beach or pool for a couple of days before we go to Paris. have thought of Nice but wondered if there was anywhere else people could suggest. Open to anyt hing as long as it is budget and accessible by public transport! thanks heaps in advance

      2 Answers 17 hours ago
    • Local Transport

      Zola Predosa 21 hours ago

      is there any bus or local train stop near Hotel Amati Design in Zola Predosa, Bologna

      2 Answers 12 hours ago
    • What is this cafe??

      Rovinj Yesterday

      I'm trying to suggest cafés in rovinj to a friend but I forgot one of the names! This cafe is right to the right of da Marcelo pane vino e nan solo. Does anyone know the name? And would it be possible to take a picture of it? Thank you so much! You guys are the best!

      1 Answer 15 hours ago
    • morjhan's Profile Photo

      Trip Itinerary ( in short period)

      France Yesterday

      We will arrive in early morning (around 8 a.m.) at Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris, France on 18 Sept. 2015.
      Then, we need to go to Paris Gare Du Nord because our train (Eurostar) to London will depart at 16:13 on Friday 18th September.
      Can someone suggest me what we can do within 6 -7 hours in Paris?
      Where we can leave our luggage (free of charge) e.g. somewhere in Paris Gare Du Nord, etc?
      Thanks... :)

      8 Answers 11 hours ago
    • late train from Bologna to Zurich Airport

      Bologna Yesterday

      The SBS timetable shows a train leaving Bologna Centrale at 22:38 on Oct 1 Arriving Zurich Airport at 8:13AM on Oct 2.
      The train goes through Milano Centrale & leaves Port Garibaldi, through Chiasso and arriving Zurich Airport at 8:13AM
      The Tren Italia website shows the latest train to depart from Bologna to Zurich Airport is at 18:38PM

      Can I leave Bologna late (after dinner) on Oct 1 and arrive around 8-9:00AM at Zurich Airport on Oct 2?
      I'm not expert in European trains that involve two countries so perhaps someone could help me make this connection

      9 Answers 11 hours ago
    • Basic travel allowance

      Ukraine Yesterday

      Dear all,
      Thank for the nice information u are sharing in this forum.
      I have a question,my friends is traveling from Kiev to Istanbul next week, and she is saying the airport are asking girls to show that the are carying 550 dollars to allow them to fly.
      Is it true ? Anyone faced this issue or heard about this before?
      Please share whatever u now .
      Thanks in advance

      9 Answers 15 hours ago
    • Can drive 2wd in Nov?

      Iceland Yesterday

      I will go to iceland 1-15 nov alone. I will rent a car. I can't decide about 2wd or 4wd because 4wd very expensive for me. Can I use 2wd ?
      Ps. Sorry about my grammar

      7 Answers 9 hours ago
    • chris.hh's Profile Photo

      Insider tips for the region between Malaga to Nerja

      Andalucía Yesterday

      Hi you guys, I am travelling to Andalucia, between Malaga and Nerja. Does anybody have insider tips where to go, restaurants, pubs and so on? I have been in that area before but now I bring along more time. Any must-sees, must-tastes... Also I would love to hear about music locations - are there any concert places?
      Thanks for you help,

      12 Answers 20 hours ago
    • daleen345's Profile Photo

      Swiss rail pass 1st or 2nd class?

      Switzerland Yesterday

      My sister and I shall be staying in Luzern from 30/9 to 6/10, and then take the William Tell express to Lugano from where we shall move on to Como for another week. During our stay in Luzern we shall do daytrips to Mt Pilatus, maybe Zurcich or Bern and other smaller towns in the area. We really intend to use trains, boats and other forms of public transport daily. I plan to buy Swiss rail passes for 8 consescutive days. 1st class is so much more expensive. I have always travelled 2nd class in Europe and found it to be quie acceptable. I read with the boats only 1st class can sit on the top deck. Is this enough reason to pay double for 1st class? The only days we shall have luggage with us, is the 30th when we shall take the train from the airport to Luzern, and the last day, on the William Tell express to Lugano.

      3 Answers Yesterday
    • charlesracine's Profile Photo

      Are there daily cruses between Koblenz and Treir, like with the KD Line on the Rhein?

      Koblenz Yesterday

      Hello are there daily cruses between Koblenz and Treir and reverse, like with the KD Line on the Rhein? I looked on the internet and could not find a company. Thankes in advance.

      3 Answers Yesterday
    • Visiting Stonehenge

      Stonehenge Yesterday

      I will be visiting England in October with my son...a father and son trip! Want to visit Stonehenge, but have heard that many tours just take you to the visitor center. How can I be sure to get up close, or go into and around the site?
      Are there particular tours I should sign on to to get the most out of our visit?

      Thank you in advance for your help.


      6 Answers Yesterday
    • Heathrow connection

      Heathrow Yesterday

      I am a U.S. Citizen. I have a connecting flight from Budapest to Heathrow back to the U.S. Do I have to clear anything or go back thru screening or anything? Or do I just get to the next gate. It is the same airline all the way, American Airlines. Thank you.

      3 Answers 12 hours ago
    • Travelling from Madrid airport (April 2016) to Salamanca on the same day

      Madrid Yesterday

      We only have 45 mins between our flight landing and the bus leaving to Salamanca. Is this feasible? If we miss the bus what are our alternatives for getting to Salamanca that same day? Can we get on the next bus even if we haven't booked tickets for it? Or are there other alternatives? Basically we need a plan B if we can't make the bus. Many thanks for any advice.

      5 Answers Yesterday
    • Clubbing in Berlin

      Berlin Yesterday

      We will be in Berlin for 4 days in December.looking for some clubs.we are 3 boys from India.wondering what we should wear (as it is Winter) so we can get into clubs like berghain and watergate.

    • Seville to Lisbon

      Sevilla Yesterday

      Hello. Travelling from Spain to Portugal (Seville to Lisbon) and looking for the best way to get there.
      Ideally by train, but a combination of bus and train is fine. Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks in advance.

      7 Answers 23 hours ago
    • philan's Profile Photo

      Dentist recommendation in belgrade

      Belgrade Yesterday

      Hi all

      I would like to know whether someone could recommend us to some good dentists in belgrade?

      Hope to receive valid recommendations. Thank you all.

      Kind regards

      2 Answers Yesterday

      Gibraltar Yesterday

      A couple of quick questions ahead of a trip we are about to make.
      We are arriving at approx. 7pm on a Friday into Gibraltar airport and want to walk into the town to have a very quick look around before going to our hotel in Algeciras.
      Two questions, please :
      1. What bus takes us from the town centre to back to the airport (as we will have to pass back through for border control to get to Spain) and
      2. What bus takes us from La Linea to Algeciras (assuming it is not possible to get a bus directly from Gibraltar town to Algeciras, but if this is possible – and quicker – then please give us any information you have).

      Many thanks in advance

      3 Answers Yesterday
    • Parking in Honfleur

      Honfleur Yesterday

      Hi, Myself and a Friend are doing an 8 day cycle tour round france. I was cheaper t take the car and park in le harve than pay £80 parking in Portsmouth but I am now wondering if that will be safe and whether we should drive the short distance to honfluer which we planned to stop at and park there for the 8 days.. Does anyone have any experience of good places to park in honluer for longer than 24 hours , if it is safe and if not what le harve is like for parking (safe wise). Thanks in advance. Finding it really hard to find out!

      2 Answers Yesterday
    • Weather in October

      Munich Yesterday

      Looking for advice on people who have travelled to Munich in early/mid October in previous years

      What is the weather like i.e. mild enough for jeans and a zipper or is it more jackets/scarves/gloves/boots etc?

      Starting to think about what to pack


      4 Answers Yesterday
    • Last Week September

      Skiathos Island Yesterday

      Hi we arrive in Skiathos town 25th September 2015 and we cant wait !!! we have heard so much about how beautiful Skiathos is, can you please help me as I don't know much about any excursions that may be available and the best places to visit on skiathos and neighbouring islands that are worth a visit also can anyone please advise me on what the weather is likely to be like
      all help and advise will be gratefully received
      Thank you


      3 Answers Yesterday
    • married august 2016

      Cyprus Yesterday

      want to get married in a lovely hotel, there would be 7 kids ages 2-12 so would need a hotel to be able to accomadate the needs of everyone wedding party would only be 15 plus 7 kids. any info would be great.

      ps was looking at olympic lagoon, marlita beach and capo bay so far!!!!! a bit lost.

      1 Answer Yesterday