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Living in Buncrana

by Matt-100 Online Now Oct 18, 2004 at 2:26 PM

Hi there! I' maybe moving to Buncrana in the future to work there as a Dutch-speaking in a callcenter. Now I still haven many many questions... First and foremost: What is the renting price? And how do most single people rent something? Maybe share an appartent? Or is it possible to rent a single room in a house? And off course it would be handy if I have some prices so that I know what the cost of living is over there... Also for a beer in the pub, cause it's very easy to compare beerprices. About the town: Is there alot of action? Many youngsters and places to hang out? And also very important : Are they used to having foreingers around and are they willing to comunicate with them? I'm also a little bit affraid that I will not understand the language. Is it true that many people overthere speak Gaelic? And is it possible to understand the English that is spoken overthere? Off course other tips and interesting things to know are more than welcome! Thanks ! Greez, Matt

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    Re: Living in Buncrana

    by orlikins Online Now Oct 19, 2004 at 2:10 AM

    There is a call centre in Buncrana??? REnt will be very very low, Buncrana is a small remote little town in the north west. i reckon you should be able to get a room for about 60/week. Parts of Donegal do speak gaelic, but you will certainly find the local accent in English quite hard to follow, but you'll get used to it :) El Puss

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    Re: Re: Living in Buncrana

    by dmrtn Online Now Oct 20, 2004 at 3:19 AM

    Not sure exactly what the rent would be but agree that it should be pretty low. And Buncrana is not part of the area where Irish is the main language. The accent around there can be a little difficult to understand at first but it won't take long too get the hang of. (Tip: things that are "wild" are good. although it is pronounced "wile". I have no idea where the letter d goes but after one night on the drink with the locals you'll be using the word too and having a wile night) Liberties is the main local nightclub, though I think there is at least one other, if not more than that. Also crowds often head off to Letterkenny or Derry for nights out. You will do this and you will have a great time, because Buncrana is small. I've never been in Buncrana during the week but I'd imagine that its pretty quiet. If it is possible to get a car, you should get a car. Cars are expensive to run in ireland, especially tax and insurance, though so be warned. Being foreign will only help with the local population. Especially the ladies ;-) hell I'm from just outside Dublin and I was practically considered foreign. If I think of anything else I'll let you know. Dave

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    Re: Living in Buncrana

    by welovedonegal Online Now Dec 14, 2004 at 6:02 PM

    hi - the rent for a three bedroom house is approx. 150 euro per week. house sharing is very popular and rooms run at about 45 euro per week. there is a brilliant booklet published here in donegal every week called the dealer. i checked their website but it only gives their telephone number (+353-74-9126410) and you should give them a ring and they would probably send the booklet to you. it has reams of properties and rooms to let. a pint of lager in donegal is around 3.60 euro. there are tons of bars in buncrana (and nightclubs) and many people also travel to letterkenny or derry to the clubs there. (there are usually buses running there and back. there are lots of nightclubs in letterkenny. one was named club of the year (the grill) and another (milan) actually barbeques burgers up on a roof area and gives them to the clubbers free of charge! regarding the language. many people do speak gaelic. but they all can speak english. generally in the towns the norm will be english and you will have absolutely no bother understanding them. the signposts on the roads are in irish and english too. i have a website (welovedonegal.com) and there are lots of other tips on that (driving in ireland, tipping in ireland, opening hourse, pics of donegal, etc.). hope you find all this helpful.

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  • RE: Living in Buncrana

    by buncranian Online Now Apr 26, 2005 at 4:28 AM


    Most of the above replies are from people from Donegal but not necessarily from Buncrana. I am from Buncrana - although I've been working in India the past 7 months.

    First time I've been away from home and I must say, it's ***. I especially miss the women. lol.

    Anyway, renting prices are around €125 per week for a 2-bedroom flat or €650 per month for a 3 bedroom house.

    It is sometimes possible to rent a single room in a house, although this isn't as common in Buncrana as it is in place like the UK. It usually only happens when a group of friends "chip in" for a house (which they usually, in my experience, get kicked out after a few weeks for having parties :-)

    There's a lot of very good pubs in Buncrana - about 17-18 pubs serving a population of about 5000. The best are probably The Excelsior, An Tuath Nua, The Cruiskeen and Chinos. Prices vary from place to place but are generally in the range of €3.40 - €3.60 for a pint of Bud.

    Theres alot of young people in Buncrana. You'll find more info on welfare.ie/topics/decentrali...

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  • RE: Living in Buncrana

    by buncranian Online Now Apr 26, 2005 at 4:42 AM

    There isn't alot of foreigners in Buncrana but I'm sure the locals will have no problem communicating with you.

    In my 21 years living in Buncrana - I've never heard a single person speak Gaelic outside school. Everyone speaks English.

    The "Buncrana English" is very easy to pick up. From my experience, the Indians I work with have very few problems understanding me. Just remember - in Ireland, "crack" does not mean drugs, it means fun. :-)

    When are you going over? I ask because, there is a music festival every year in Buncrana. This is the highlight of the year and this year will be held from Sunday 24th July - Sunday 31st July. Basically, the entire town street is blocked off with a 40-ft lorry trailer, "The Guiness Gig Rig", and two live bands play music every night. During this week, the pubs are licensed to open late and drinking on the town street is permitted - to a certain extent. It should be VERY easy to meet alot of new people here.

    Finally, you'll probably come to realise that in Buncrana - everybody knows everybody. Once you start getting to know people and they start to get to know you - YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING WITHOUT THE WHOLE TOWN KNOWING. So be careful if you have 2 girlfriends!!! :-)

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