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Balaton Airport to Novi Sad, Serbia??

by exitfestival Online Now Apr 4, 2007 at 1:29 PM


Just wondering if anyone can help at all. We have booked flights to Balaton airport in July, but need to somehow make our way over to Novi Sad in Serbia for the Exit Festival. We have found a company that does bus transfers for £50 return but this seems a little steep. Besides, they need money upfront, which we aren't to keen to give them so early on!

Thanks very much

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    Re: Balaton Airport to Novi Sad, Serbia??

    by GyuriFT Online Now Apr 5, 2007 at 1:41 AM

    Is it £50 for a round-trip for the car door-to-door or pro person? If you pay for several persons, than go for it. Otherwise the cost is rather somewhat under 50 Euro than 50 £ for the round-trip.

    Normally, Hungary-Serbia roud/trip by train is 60% off the regular tariff (so it's cheaper to go round-trip than one-way). The airport transfer Sármellék - Budapest Déli - Sármellék round-trip is 24 Euro/person,

    From Budapest Déli you have to reach Budapest Keleti station (about 20-30 minutes by METRO). From Keleti there are two trains daily. The price of the round-trip by train from Budapest will be about 20 Euro.

    Of course, you can transfer to the nearby railway station of Keszthely, the round-trip is 2300 Forint or roughly 10 Euro (very reasonable).

    If your pane arrives from the U.K. you will reach Keszthely at 14:15.

    From Keszthely you go by train.

    You have two different ways to go:
    - via Budapest (it looks like going around, but it seem to be easier and cheaper)
    - via Zagreb

    Either way you have to reach Balatonszentgyörgy first and change to a faster train or wait in Keszthely few more hours.

    You should buy Keszthely-Balatonszentgyörgy-Budapest-Subotica-Novi Sad international round-trip ticket in KESZTHELY, NOT, again NOT in Balatonszentgyörgy because the international ticket counter is CLOSED in Balatonszentgyörgy after 15:00 and is open Mo-Fr only. However, the intl. ticket counter is open in Keszthely from 03:30 AM till 23:30 PM.

    The round-trip ticket price is 34.4 Euro, less than the one-way (43 Euro) because of special 60% Hungary-Serbia discount on round-trip tickets.

    The schedule:
    - There is a local train departing Keszthely 15:30, ariving Balatonszentgyörgy 15:42
    - There is a fast train departing Keszthely 17:27, arriving Kelenföld (outskirt of Budapest) at 21:00

    I would probably go with the local train because it has a good connection:

    Kvarner Intercity from Zagreb going to Budapest (caution: even if Zagreb and Novi Sad is in former Yugoslavia, you going first AVAY form ex-Yugoslavia, only LATER turn the opposite direction, don't wait for the train TO Zagreb, your ticket is valid the other way).

    Any way:

    - "Kvarner IC" is arriving from Zagreb to Balatonszentgyörgy at 18:23, departing Balatonszentgyörgy 18:26 and arriving at Budapest Keleti at 21:33
    - "Beograd Express" is arriving from Vienna at Budapest Keleti at 22:53 and continuing to Belgrade via Novi Sad at 23:25. You have to de-train it at 4:58

    If you feel tired, the Bulgarian sleeping car (it's painted red on white) is 11 Euro between Budapest and Novi Sad.


    Depart Keszthely at 17:27 with the train to Budapest. You have to (better to!) de-train in Kelenföld station which is actually an outskirt of Budapest at 21:00 and wait until the same Beograd Express arrives there coming form Vienna on 22:40

    If you are lucky, the Bulgarian sleeper will come from Vienna and not waiting to be attached in Budapest Keleti and you can board it at Keleti.

    If you miss Kelenföld, the next (last) station of the train coming from Keszthely is Budapest Déli at 21:08. It is a different station than Keleti, so you have to use Metro. Metro trains are every few minutes and Déli is on the same line as Keleti. You have to take extra 30-40 minutes in account - still plenty connection time till 23:25.

    Comment: I would be extremely frustrated to race back and forth and not see the Balaton lake only through thetrain window + Budapest + many more things. Besides, your international tickets allow 2 month unlimited stops.

    Via Zagreb:

    The VERY SAME Kvarner Intercity train abviously goes the "other" direction as well. The departure time in Balatonszentgyörgy is also pretty close: arriving 18:21, departing 18:23 going TO Zagreb while the train going FROM Zagreb is arriving Balatonszentgyörgy at 18:23, departing 18:26. The both Kvarner IC actually "meet" in Balatonszentgyörgy! Since it's a single line, one will wait for the other.

    Suggestion: just yell "Budapesht, Budapesht" and let the locals guide you going to Budapest or yell "Zaagraab", "Zaagraab" (with long "aaa") and let them do the same. If you say "Novi Sad" you could be led by mistake to wrong train.

    Kvarner IC going south will arrive Zagreb main station (Glavni Kolodvor) at 22:21.

    Here, you will need to wait for the train from Ljubljana arriving 23:28 and departing 0:15. This train goes all the way to Thessaloniki, but you will need to travel till Belgrade, arrival at 6:22

    In theory, the connection to IC "Avala" Beograd-Vienna is very good (dep. 8:20, arrival Novi Sad 9:42) but it may happen, your train from Zagreb is late. There are still plenty local tains to Novi Sad, so you will arrive before noon for sure even if it will be a horse-driven cart :-)

    Price: Obviously, you have to buy a different ticket. Buy Keszthely-Kotoriba-Zagreb-Sid(GR) round-trip ticket (39.2 Euro) in Hungary and Sid(GR)-Novi Sad round-trip (will be about 10 - 15 Euro in Croatia)

    If you feel adventurous, you can make a "round" going first in the direction of Zagreb, than coming from Novi Sad via Budapest. In that case I would buy just Keszthely-Kotoriba (GR) ticket in Hungary and the rest in Croatia and Serbia. In Novi Sad I would abuse the fact, there is a special one-way Beograd-Budapest ticet fare for 15 Euro. A one-way Novi-Sad Budapest is MUCH more than one-way Beograd-Novi Sad.

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  • Re: Balaton Airport to Novi Sad, Serbia??

    by exitfestival Online Now Apr 5, 2007 at 2:33 AM

    Thank you so much for your reply - we are all extremely grateful :)

    The £50 pound price quoted to us was per person, so a total of £250 for five of us. I think we will definitely go with your suggestions instead!

    and we will certainly be making an effort to see lake balaton, if not more!

    Thanks again :)

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    Re: Balaton Airport to Novi Sad, Serbia??

    by GyuriFT Online Now Apr 5, 2007 at 2:58 AM

    You going FIVE?!?

    Maybe you should buy Keszthely-Sofia CITY-STAR via Budapest.

    Price:249 Euro for all of you, round-trip. That's barely more (50 Euro/person r/t) , so for a mere extra 15 Euro you visit Belgrade, Nish, Sofia. and go back.

    Or you fancy Turkey?

    That's (Keszthely-Budapest-Novi Sad - Beograd - Sofia - Kapikule(gr)) 279 Euro for all of you, round-trip, under 55 Euro / person.

    These tickets are called CITY-STAR and geared towards mini-group of max. five people. The Hungarian CITY-STAR to Serbia-Bulgaria has no cool-off period, it's valid immediately as you purchase.

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  • Re: Balaton Airport to Novi Sad, Serbia??

    by the_derminator Online Now May 6, 2007 at 3:59 AM


    I am the guy that runs that company, so thought I would just say this.
    Yes, there are cheaper ways to get from Balaton to EXIT, but ours is a dedicated service that goes direct from the airport to the festival - no changes, no waiting for three hours at various stations, no need to cart your luggage across the city to get to the train station in the first place.

    We ran this for the first time last year and had dozens of satisfied customers, so we obviously did something right, and our prices have stayed the same this year.

    Our prices are actually quite reasonable - there are imitators of our service charging £60 return, which I think is way too much.

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  • Re: Balaton Airport to Novi Sad, Serbia??

    by mantarey Online Now May 30, 2009 at 6:26 AM

    Hi there,
    Where did you find that £50 return deal to Novi Sad from Balaton airport?

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