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I need some infos

by ldelmestre Online Now Aug 19, 2011 at 6:59 AM

Hi to all!

I'm from Italy, and my wife can go to asmara to work as teacher in an italian school for some years (at least 4 we think...). She must confirm or deny in a week.

I have same questions:

- Is a quite place?
- What about hospitals?
- There are some problems with food or water o something like?
- Can I found a work for me? I'm a 42 years old computer programmer with about 24 years experience. However, every work is ok for me...

We think to accept, because we think this can be a fantastic experience, but some words from someone who knows the city, the people and the life in asmara is very needed...

Thanks in advice
Del Mestre Luca

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    Re: I need some infos

    by MacedonianUK Online Now Aug 19, 2011 at 8:39 AM

    Well my best friend was teacher in amara for 3 yrs. The asigment is for 4, she spent year in Maastricht Netherlands than 3 in Asmara in the Italina school.
    She was there with than 6 yrd old girl.
    I went to visit and as much as I could see, all was taken care by the Italian govermant.
    There was special arragmant with private hospital in asmara and staff from the school went to the same surgery, (doctor on call)..
    My friend could afford to say in big house and have ppl employed fo cook and clean for her (spend lots of time at work).. and local ppl are very gratefull as is poor country and work is hard to come by.
    We used bottled water for cooking, and nets at night for sleeping (just in case)
    There was some water and eletricity restriction back then (2005) and emails & internet were sporadic.
    Food,: That time local food was aplenty (altho some very expencive for the natives) but some things like butter was real treat to find... my friend gave me list of things to bring to Asmara when I was arriving!
    if you are open for new experiances food wise, you will be suprise how much you will enjoy. If you are stictly, parma ham, pasta and pollo primavera type than you will have some problems.... :)
    I spent 3 weeks in Asmara as part of the italian expat cominity but also I wondered by muself around and was very safe.
    I am not sure you can find any work there, unless you can work for home, providing that internet is in better shape that it was 2005.
    Is it quiet place? Well in 2005 was prity quiet, I havent been there since. That time they had only one cinema reminance of Italina ocupation many decades before... But that brought the Italian expat comunity close and they found different things to do and got engaged in adventure trips.
    One was organised to go and visit Dahlac Marine NP and boat trip from Edd to Al Hydaydah and Saana in Yemen...
    But is it worth it??
    I found many time that I would love to be in Anna's and Alisea's shoes....
    One problem I had at the time was that there was no direct flight and I had to go to Cairo than change to an flight to Asmara, and it only few twice a week to Asmara.
    Hope this gives you more insight..
    Again it is seen trought the eyes of and visitor to an italian expat working in Asmara...

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    Re: I need some infos

    by sphynxxs Online Now Aug 20, 2011 at 1:29 AM

    I have not been to Eritrea, only to Ethiopia, but as both countries share a similar geography and culture you can certainly expect a country of great beauty and with friendly people. It also has a good deal of Italian elements, as mentioned in the other post and Italians are generally quite popular. As far as safety is concerned - police states usually don´t have much of a crime problem, and Eritrea certainly is one of the most repressive states of the region in that prospect (and that tells a lot!) As a foreigner this will probably not affect you as long as you are not moving in opposition circles or are a journalist or talk to foreign journalists and find yourself quoted somewhere.

    I have worked with exiles from Asmara in the past, and they all said it was a beautiful place. If Eritrean food is only a bit like Ethiopian, it´s delicious.

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  • Re: I need some infos

    by bluegold91 Online Now Mar 15, 2012 at 6:06 AM

    First and foremost Eritrea is one of the most beautiful countries that I have ever visited, not only just the city of Asmara but the country as a whole.

    Secondly the people are very friendly and enjoy foreigners very much. Do not be surprised if someone invites you into their home for a traditional cup (or cups) of coffee.

    Crime is unheard of in Asmara, as well as the rest of Eritrea. You can practically walk around 4am in the morning with no hassles at all. As funny as it seems guns and knives don't exist in the country.

    Asmara is both a crowded place but at times can be very quiet. You have the best of both worlds in that sense. Crowded times are in downtown at starting around 6pm (when everybody gets off work). People enjoy walking, drinking some coffee, tee, cappuccino, macciato and many varieties of delicious (absolutely delicious)pastry.

    Hospitals, clinics, pharmacy's or health clinics are all over the country, especially in Asmara. There's Sembel Hospital and Orotta Medical School, which is graduating doctors at an alarming rate. From the time of independence (1991) until now the Government of Eritrea has made health and education top priorities. You can google in: "Eritrea will meet its Millenium Development Goal". This has to deal with decreasing the child mortality rate, increase in the age rate, hiv, and a lot more health issues.

    As for you finding a computer related job; do your research with the local Eritrean Embassy in your home country. If that doesn't work out maybe you can be a teacher in the computer programming related industry. I'm pretty sure there's a market for that in Asmara.

    The people are VERY friendly, no crime, greet food, and awesome terrain.

    THREE SEASONS IN TWO HOURS................

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