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Why Amaile??

by PetoisNilgot Online Now Jul 21, 2005 at 7:03 PM

Why would I go to Amaile? I don't know...I mean who is going two thirds of the way to New Zeiland just to sit around, eat funky food and such?

You get to Amaile in one of three ways. One, your born here..simple enough. Two, you join the peace they still exist? And three, the funny one, you pass out drunk on the deck of a ship to depart in a week that "accidentally" departs that afternoon. I know it was early, but that should make it safer right?

Well anyway, after begging for my life I get a job on the ship. Cleaning the ship doesn't seem like a tough thing to do. Wrong! I was actually better off falling in during that horrible storm.

Anyhow, I end up in sexy Samoa.

Sexy...well sexy like a giant dude in a sarong trying to touch "the area covered by my bathing suit." Suffice to say, this would be a gay polyneasian fetishists paradise.

No wonder I have neber met one before, they live here!

Oh, my computer time is up. Wish me luck, you have no idea 'bout the food.


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  • RE: Why Amaile??

    by Manaia Online Now Feb 22, 2006 at 7:53 AM

    Hi! Burbank, CA? You really, or you admit to, claim to come from the first hell-hole of California?! We knew, in Alhambra, when the winds were shifting coz someone flushed the terlet in downtown Boibank - hehe!

    Seriously though...thanks! for the article re Amaile, Upolu, Samoa. Home of my ancestors. I'll have to visit one day soon. I paid a summer visit to American Samoa and couldn't get off that rock fast enough. Now I understand why "The Rock" doesn't go by that appellation any longer.

    Seems before any "palagi" or toilet tissue or anyone with any sense traversed to the islands, Samoans used "rocks" to clean their cute little fannys - Ouch! And so..."We don't smell what The Rock is cookin'" anymore - heh?

    Did you really set foot on Amaile? Is it really like 200 years ago? How glorious if it is!

    I was just joking 'bout your hometown and hope I was able to make your day - . I, too, live in Cali but up north, where the air is much fresher. Hope you can share yer adventures again. Oh, I know and neva eat the food - is that what they call it? Yuck!

    Tafa, Soifua,

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