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    • distance

      Lucerne 14 minutes ago

      how far is the vitzual train station from MT Rigi stop ? sorry about the spelling

    • Scenic driving route + safe to leave luggage in car in towns?

      Tuscany 22 minutes ago

      Hi All! Two questions:

      1. We are travelling as a group of 8 people (me/husband, both sets of our parents who are in their 70s and my sister/bro in law). We are renting a van from Rome Termini and driving to Gaoli in Chianti, and I was wondering what the most scenic route is? I have read driving the A1 and stopping at Orvieto and Montepulciano would be good- is that what you guys would recommend? Any other places you would stop and if anyone can help be more specific on that route that would be reallly helpful! Of course I can use Google Maps but wanted to make sure to take the scenic route...

      2. Given we will be renting a van, there will not be a trunk. If we stop off at these towns on the drive to Chianti, we will have our luggage with us. Do you think it's safe for us to leave a van full of luggage parked in various towns during the day, so we can stop for lunch or to walk around, for example Orvieto and Montepulciano? I tihnk the luggage would be visible as there won't be a trunk. Of course we will try to minimize what people can see but there are 8 of us so would be hard to completely hide it all.

      Thanks in advance for any advice!


    • One Day in Barcelona

      Barcelona 1 hours ago

      I arrive AM from US, have meetings the next day. Hence, I have a day of no plans. Please suggest how I spend 12 hours to both see the highlights, enjoys some good food and drink, and stay moving/awake to get on schedule. I'm ok with public transport and lots of walking.....Any suggestions are welcome....I will be staying downtown.

    • what is the general feel of this town?

      Reutlingen 1 hours ago

      i'll be moving to reutlingen for 4 months september - december and I'm curious what the general feel is of this town? any nightlife? is it eventful? is there easy access to other towns and near by cities?

    • Help needed. travel in switzerland

      Europe 3 hours ago

      Hi all, i will be having workshop in Orbe Switzerland in upcoming July. So i will be extending my leaves there for around 5 days. yet i still cannot decide whether to travel within Swiss on the five days or move to the neighboring country. Please advise. This is my first time to Europe. Is it possible to go to any nearby city like Venice?

      hope to get advise soon as I need to book ticket by this coming Fri..

      thousand thanks!!

    • Help needed! Switzerland trip

      Malaysia 3 hours ago

      Hi all, i will be having workshop in Orbe Switzerland in upcoming July. So i will be extending my leaves there for around 5 days. yet i still cannot decide whether to travel within Swiss on the five days or move to the neighboring country. Please advise. This is my first time to Europe. Is it possible to go to any nearby city like Venice?

      hope to get advise soon as I need to book ticket by this coming Fri..

      thousand thanks!!

    • Store selling Duffel Bags

      Warsaw Yesterday

      Hello, Where can my daughter purchase an X-large duffel bag? She is on exchange and living in downtown Warsaw. The zip on her duffel bag has broken so she needs to buy a new one - nothing fancy. Approx $30 to $50. She says she can't find one anywhere. Thanks

    • Travelling

      Nicaragua Yesterday

      Hey there, is it possible to travel to Hacienda Iguana (near Panga Drops) by public transport?

    • Elephant trekking on Phuket?

      Phuket Yesterday

      Hi guys. Is "Phuket Elephant Trails" a good choice to do Elephant trekking on Phuket?

    • Home Improvment Store, Paint store (like Home Depot)

      Montevideo 5 hours ago

      Im going on a Business trip (Install) to Montevideo and I have to buy Spray Paint and screws. Is there a store chain like Homedepot ? im staying in the area of Zonamerica.
      thank you

      1 Answer 4 hours ago
    • Camping in Ithaca

      Ithaki Island 6 hours ago

      Does any one have experience with camping in Ithaca, do they have camping place or it is allowed to make camping in nature? How is then with fresh water,...

      1 Answer 5 hours ago
    • I need cheap bike

      Salzburg 6 hours ago

      Hello, I am going to Salzburg for a month.
      Can someone tell me if it is possible to buy a second hand bike there on a low price?

      1 Answer 5 hours ago
    • Daytripper58's Profile Photo

      Early Planning for Sicily - 2016

      Sicilia 6 hours ago

      I am starting the early planning for an 8-day trip to Sicily in April 2016. Roughly 4-days on the west and 4-days on the east. We have climbed to the top of Mount Etna before, so we do not need to do that. We are interested in the history, the ruins, wine, olive oil, and pistachios.

      Rough Plans
      • Agrigento – Ruins
      a. Trapani – Salt pans and museum
      b. Erice – Funicular to top of mountain
      • Palermo – Hub city for four days.
      • Corleone – just because – CIDMA museum
      • Marsala – Possible, not sure
      • Segesta – Ruins
      • Eryx – Ruins
      • Taormina – Second hub city for three days.
      • Catania – Last city, fly home.
      • Olive Oil Farm – Azienda Agricola Mandranova near Palma di Montechiaro
      • Pistachio – Tour farm, possibly near Bronte
      • Winery or two

      Any other thoughts? Did I miss anything? Tour guides? Thanks for any tips or suggestions.

      1 Answer 4 hours ago
    • travel between Plaza De Armes bus station and Santa Justa Train station

      Sevilla 7 hours ago

      Hi on the 4th June I will be travelling from Portugal to Seville arriving at Plaza De Armes bus station at 1300hrs. I need to get the train from Santa Justa Train Station to Madrid which leaves at 1345hrs. Do you think it is possible to get from the bus station to the train station in 45 minutes? Thank you in advance Linda

      3 Answers 4 hours ago
    • biciMAD for tourists, too?

      Madrid 7 hours ago

      End of June, start of July; 5 nights Madrid, 2 nights Toledo, 2 nights Seville, 3 final nights Madrid; (hotels not booked, still changeable) unclear if biciMAD bike share is all-electric or manual too or...? & is longest use with no extra charge 1 hr? or 30 min.?  with the 5 night, then 3 night split, what would be best payment strategy; (get annual pass for unlimited short uses?)  return to Madrid within yr unlikely; sticking to urban explorations, may also use bus-Metro pass, taxis... Thanks in advance!


      1 Answer 4 hours ago
    • jkb1's Profile Photo

      Amsterdam, Zeeburg P&R coach park at Zuiderzeeweg to Amsterdam Sloterdijk

      Amsterdam 7 hours ago

      I am arriving at Amsterdam, Zeeburg P&R coach park at Zuiderzeeweg by Mega Bus.How can I reach Amsterdam Sloterdijk from Amsterdam, Zeeburg P&R coach park at Zuiderzeeweg?

      2 Answers 4 hours ago
    • agathi's Profile Photo

      Half day art trip from Paris

      Paris 8 hours ago

      Hallo. I'm would like to make a half day trip from Paris. I was thinking of Reims in order to see the cathedral with Chagall's windows and the museum of fine arts but unfortunately the latest will have on display only the 20th century part of the collection until the end of June. Any other ideas in order to see some good valued art around Paris? We already have arranged to visit Rouen, Pontoise and Auvers sur oise, Barbizon and Lyon.

      5 Answers 4 hours ago
    • Aqualandia Jessolo

      Venice 8 hours ago

      Is there a Vaporetto from venice to Lido di Jessolo ? If so , where & at what time in morning can we embark upon it & how much time shall it take to raech Jessolo ? How can we get a connection to Aqualandia Jessolo Water Park ? Thanks

      1 Answer 7 hours ago
    • Prices in Scotland (Portree)

      Portree 8 hours ago

      Hello everyone,


      I recive some welcome messages so I decide to post some thing, and maybe I will find some time to fill my profile. Thanks everyone for your lovely get welcome.


      So my question... I am interested in visiting Scotland in next few months, so I am now preparing myself for everyhing and most important thing I want to know are prices. I already read some threads but I want to make sure. I have already something in mind about place to sleep, will go for a week, how much I need to take with myself? I am going to stay Isle of Skye, so plan to visit Portree (here some photo's: ), which destination you also suggest me to visit?


      Thanks everyone!

      1 Answer 4 hours ago
    • Busstop in Giardini Naxos

      Giardini Naxos 8 hours ago

      Where does the bus from Catania Airport stop in Giardini Naxos. We shall stay in Via Tysandros.

      4 Answers 6 hours ago
    • Aqualandia Jessolo

      Italy 8 hours ago

      We are a group of 7 ,including 3 children ( 9,9,13) visiting Venice from 20th to 23rd June . On 22nd june we wish to visit Aqualandia Jessolo Water Park . How exactly can we make it to Aqualandia Jessolo from Venice in the shortest possible time ? How long will the journey take ? Is it possible to spend sufficient time at the park & come back to Venice the same day ? Are there any other , must see , attractions also near the park ? Thanks in advance .

      1 Answer 4 hours ago
    • October 2015, Gilgit / Islamabad / Srinagar / Lahore

      Gilgit 10 hours ago

      Dear all,
      I am going to a solo bike tour. The plan in the enter Pakistan from China on G315, follow the Karakoram Highway to Gilgit and Islamabad and finally make it to India near Srinagar or Lahore.
      What is safety situation in the region? Are the Pakistan-China and Pakistan-India borders open to tourists?

      Thank you

    • holiday to Madrit

      Madrid 10 hours ago

      Hi, i am planning on going on holiday to Madrid with my family, we are a family of 6 looking for a hotel or appartment which we can rent out for 7 nights. I would like the accomodaton to be quiet and suitable for a family, i would also like the main shopping places to be nearby as well as a metro station so we can get around the city easily to see tourist attractions. All in all, i would like the accomodation to be suitable and to have the facilities needed for a family.

      7 Answers 4 hours ago
    • kayaking in portugal

      Portugal 10 hours ago

      i want to kayak to the berlengas island off peniche..has any one done this any advice? has anyone done this or know any thing about this island?

      also interested in any other sites for kayaking in portugal or even maybe spain

      2 Answers 4 hours ago
    • RoyG17's Profile Photo

      Prices on PEI

      Cavendish 10 hours ago

      What is the cost to visit the Green Gable House? Is there a tour that you would recommend? We are to be on our 30th Anniversary trip in 3 weeks. we only have 1 day to be on PEI. is there a B&B that you would recommend staying at?

      5 Answers 4 hours ago
    • baytaal's Profile Photo

      Visiting Tbilisi in June.

      Georgia 11 hours ago

      Hi, I will be visiting Tbilisi in June First week. Any VT member would like meet up for sight seeing together? Thanks.

      1 Answer 4 hours ago
    • iammon's Profile Photo

      Restaurant for Families

      Bern 11 hours ago

      We (family with two little kids) will be meeting friends from the US (kids as well) for Dinner in Berne or vicinity.
      Any inputs for something that's touristically interesting?
      Thanks for your help!

      1 Answer 4 hours ago
    • Nice, France

      Nice 11 hours ago

      It would be appreciated if someone could explain how the ZOU PASS works. What trains does it cover and the area in which you can travel. Thank you.................

      15 Answers 4 hours ago
    • Travelling from LAX to San Diego at night!

      San Diego 11 hours ago


      Would anyone be able to give some advice? Two 22 year old Irish students are heading for Lucky D's hostel on 8th Ave, San Diego on a Monday night. Our flight is scheduled to arrive in LAX (Terminal 2) at 19.15. We want to get to our hostel in the cheapest way possible, we have already told them we will most likely arrive late at night.

      Our plan so far was to get a Fly Away shuttle bus from the airport to Union Station in LA.

      If we arrive on time we could get the Amtrak train to Old Town San Diego, the last service leaves at 10.10pm. According to google maps it is about a 10 minute drive from the Old Town train station to our hostel, so we would get a cab. However, this is more expensive than a bus, it costs 74 dollars for 2 tickets, whereas the greyhound bus is under 30 dollars for two tickets! Ideally we would like to get the bus, but are having problems with the greyhound website - we can't figure out which stations in LA/ San Diego the LA to San Diego service serves! As in we're not sure which bus station to catch the bus at in LA, or where it will stop in San Diego.

      If getting the bus, we would get a cab from Union Station to the Greyhound bus station in LA. I think the closest one is on East 7th street? And then get the greyhound express bus to San Diego at 11pm. It is hard to tell from the Greyhound website which bus station the service goes to, has anybody taken this route before? Ideally we want to end up at the bus station on 1313 National Ave, San Diego, as this is only a 15 min walk or 5 min cab ride from our hostel.

      We have never travelled in America before so are very unfamiliar with the transport system. Any advice would be appreciated regarding which bus stations the Greyhound bus stops at in LA and in San Diego, and how easy/safe getting the bus is. Finally, anybody who has flown to LAX and gotten a Flyaway shuttle bus to Union station - how easy is it to find the Fly Away bus terminal? We are flying to Terminal 2!

      Thank you :)

      8 Answers 6 hours ago
    • CTM Bus from Rabat to Chefchaouen?

      Chefchaouene 13 hours ago

      Does anyone know if there are CTM buses running from Rabat to Chefchaouen in June? The CTM website shows no schedule for that route. Specifically, we're travelling on June 7, 2015. Thanks!

      2 Answers 12 hours ago
    • DRIVER at kunming

      Kunming 13 hours ago

      We need a driver who accompany us for three days. We are 02 people .
      Exactly we arrive at Kunming airport on Friday 7 August at 18.00, but we would like to sleep in Shillin (Petried Forest).

      the next day Saturday August 8 visit Shillin (Petried Forest) and continue to Jianshui and see Confucio Temple, Zhu garden family and Bridge of 2 dragoons . Sleeping in Jianshui.
      The next day, Sunday, August 9 visit Yuanyang (terrace) and back to Kunming in the late afternoon .

      Could you help us to find a solution by agency or single professional driver ?
      our email is
      luca & paola

    • Ex Pat Clubs

      Libreville 13 hours ago

      Hi there, Im South African and moving to Libreviile, are there any ex pat social clubs to join?

      Also are there any squash clubs or gyms to join?

      Thanks a lot

    • available transportation to arrive to arbatax from cagliari airport

      Àrbatax 13 hours ago

      my first time in sardinia and i will arrive in 30 may 2015 at 12 pm and i want to go to arbatax ( haven't my driving license) what is the best way with low cost .

      1 Answer 12 hours ago
    • One night in Warsaw

      Warsaw 14 hours ago

      One night in Warsaw!
      today, 12:47
      Me and my friend have booked a flight to Warsaw for one night next month to celebrate our birthdays.

      We are staying in the city centre and are looking for lively fun places to go in the evening for food/drinks/dancing. We are visiting on a Wednesday night (17th june) and both female, 30ish, looking for a similiar aged crowd (nothing too young and nothing too prententious) preferably english speaking, being midweek we thought we better do some research in advance.

      Looking for a good value for money trip so nothing too expensive as that was the point of getting out of London!

      Any ideas of fun places on a Wednesday night, any dress codes or price information would be really helpful! Or any tips on where to stay away from!


    • Madagascar - your tips please

      Madagascar 14 hours ago


      I would like to ask you for tips in regards what tour operator to use when travelling to Madagascar and what countries I can visit on my way there? I have read that it is best to travel via Paris and fly to Mauritius and from there continue travelling to Madagascar? This way I can visit both countries. Or does anybody have other tips what countries to visit on my way there?
      Also, are you aware of any tour operator which is run locally in Madagascar? I have looked at UK Explorer etc but I think I would prefer a private tour. So far I have found - does anybody have any experience with them? And does anybody have any tips about places in Madagascar other than promoted by the 'typical' travel agencies? So far, I have decided to go the capital, visit several parks to see lemurs, go canoeing and visit several beaches. I would, however, also like to see more of the culture - such as visiting local villages - does anybody have any tips where to go please to get the real experience?

      2 Answers 9 hours ago
    • travel to ponza - hydrofoil or ferry?

      Ponza 14 hours ago

      I am holidaying in Ponza this August. we will get a train from Rome so is Anzio the best port? And how reliable is the hydrofoil in August? The timings for this are better than the ferry, but i don;t want to book if its likely to get cancelled.
      Thanks for any advice

      1 Answer 4 hours ago
    • Elanajane's Profile Photo

      Travel to ljubljana

      Rijeka 14 hours ago

      We are wanting to go to the postojna caves in Slovenia. We are looking at travelling to Ljubljana and getting a tour from there. Can someone help us on the public transport and times buses or trains leave Rijeka thanks.

      3 Answers 4 hours ago
    • Rach&Jay's Profile Photo

      Which Neighborhood to stay in Tokyo

      Japan 15 hours ago

      Hi Everyone, seeking your thoughts on the best neighborhoods to stay in Tokyo. Would like to stay in a trendy area that is known for good bars and restaurants. Happy to jump on the train to go where we need to go during the day time, but really like to walk around of an evening and try different bars and eateries of an evening and walk home if possible.
      Be keen to hear peoples suggestions on the best areas to look for accomodation in Tokyo and the pros and cons of various neighborhoods. Thanks all!!

      2 Answers 4 hours ago
    • travel.mania's Profile Photo

      connection to Chisinau, Moldova

      Moldova 15 hours ago

      Which city in Europe has good connection to Chisinau, Moldova? Is it better to travel by road from Odessa?