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    • Mountain passes closed in winter

      Republic of Montenegro 8 hours ago

      Can someone tell me which roads/mountain passes in Montenegro are closed in winter due to snow? And which ones are usually kept snow free. I'm talking in particular about Tresnjevik (road between Matesevo and Andrijevica), the road between Kolasin-Savnik and the smaller (eastern) connection between Podgorica and Matesevo (not the Moraca canyon road).

      Thanks in advance!


    • Zorb- zorbing in Queenstown

      New Zealand 10 hours ago

      I've seen contradictory posts about the possibility of zorbing in Queenstown.

      Can a vter confirm that it is or it is not possible to zorb in Queenstown? Thanks a lot!

    • safari plan

      Mudumalai Yesterday

      I want to visit Bandipur & mudumalai in a one day trip.
      What can be the best safari plan?

      I'll visit the two places on my way back from ooty.


    • guide wanted

      Kuala Lumpur Nov 29, 2015 at 10:42 AM

      anyone available in january for guiding us for a day in KL?

    • Vivaldi ocean world

      Hongch'on Nov 28, 2015 at 8:16 PM

      Hi there, i'm planning on going to Vivaldi Ocean World in Hongcheon, South Korea and going in December (during Winter). I'm going to be going with 3 boys (i am a girl myself) and i know the indoor area will be the only area opened, i heard there are a few gender separated areas which are the sauna (jimjilbang) and one hot pool area. But i want to know if there are other hot pool areas to enjoy and have fun with my fellow friends as it would be pointless and not fun just being by myself the whole time..
      Thanks, your replies would be highly appreciated as i've tried to google this part but not much help :(

    • nightile for a single mature female who is a little shy

      Puerto Plata Nov 28, 2015 at 10:06 AM

      i've been in Puerto Plata for 3 months now living with mum and never been able to go for a night out alone; I am a little tense and introverted when it comes to socialize but at the same time im too young to just sit in front of the telly every single night. the place is slightly intimidating at night coz of the obvious attention, taxi offers, etc etc i just wanna be sure where im heading to before i venture out, im in puerto plata city centre and i want a place where i can feel welcome and relaxed maybe a little excited but not overwhelmed by sanky pankies or something like that..can anyone help at all i would be extremely grateful! thanx

    • Kyoto Souvenirs

      Kyoto 20 hours ago

      What particular Kyoto souvenirs South-east Asians usually buy? and among others that of Europeans and Americans..Is buying Kyoto souvenirs differ according to tourists` nationality?

      3 Answers 19 hours ago
    • Mozumbus's Profile Photo

      JFK to Boston by bus - first time and with family

      Hi VTers

      We would arrive at JFK in the morning (8 am, Terminal 4) and plan to travel to Boston the same day by bus. We are 2 adults and 2 small kids with luggage. We have been to some countries together but this will be our first time to the US – 2+ weeks vacations starting from the 2nd week of December.

      From some Internet search, it seems that first we have to make it to Manhattan from JFK to catch the bus to New England – although I’d have preferred bypassing NYC which does not seem possible (?).

      Please suggest how to do that as a first timer. Which ticket we should buy, how, and where? We would like to use public transport but may use the taxi if that is necessary. Just to mention, we plan to come back to NYC later.

      For NYC-Boston, we intend to take the late afternoon (3-4 pm) bus connection so that we are not rushed. In the best case scenario it looks like that we could reach NYC around afternoon, and will have a few hours to roam/relax around. Would that be a good strategy? Can we leave our luggage at the bus station safely for a few hours (e.g. Megabus)?

      We contemplated about staying one night in NYC before moving ahead to Boston but decided otherwise due to reasons.

      4 Answers 18 hours ago
    • Riad collection from airport, rip off?

      Marrakesh 21 hours ago

      Hi fellow travellers
      Just a quick question. I've contacted the riad I've booked asking how much to collect us from the airport. They want €30 (€20 for couple plus €5 per additional, 2 adults and 2 kids). Our flight arrives at 3pm, first week February. From what I've read this seems expensive but I don't want to offend the riad owner before we get there!

      Any thoughts?

      Many thanks

    • International Passport in Occupied Territory

      Luhansk 22 hours ago

      What is the cost of this document?
      And is there a restriction on leaving
      Or how.
      I have read there is no bus or train service.
      Can you hire a taxi?

      1 Answer 19 hours ago
    • Last Night At Ther Proms 2016 Sept

      United Kingdom 22 hours ago

      What are the chances that we get tickets ( 2) to The LN at The Proms , Prince Albert Hall.
      A return trip to the UK has moved up into the top ten destinations.
      We are only really interested in hearing three songs, "Jerusalem", "I Vow to You My Country", and "Rule Brittannia " with Sarah Connelly, providing the live entertainment.
      External venues look impressive but vacating 200,000 people from such a venue is not that appealing.
      The next option is Northern Spain.

      2 Answers 18 hours ago
    • Riu Barvo resort

      Punta Cana Yesterday

      How far is the airport as well as the city center from the resort?

      2 Answers 19 hours ago
    • Riu Barvo resort

      Punta Cana Yesterday

      How far is the airport as well as the city center from the resort?

    • Visit Visa

      Nepal Yesterday

      May i know what are the requirements for applying a visit/tourist visa for Nepal?

      3 Answers 18 hours ago
    • casa blanca to rabat

      Casablanca Yesterday

      Is there a direct train from Casablanca airport to Rabat or do I need to go into town and connect

      1 Answer Yesterday
    • arrival on New Years eve at Copacabana

      Rio de Janeiro Yesterday

      Hi we are arriving on December 31 at 10 at night and are concerned that its going to be difficult to get a taxi from the airport to the center of Copacabana, how easy is it to get a taxi on New Year or maybe there are some better options for transport?thank you

      4 Answers Yesterday
    • When to visit?

      Pantanal Yesterday

      Hi, we are thinking to visit Mato Groso (Pantanal)in First days of January but are concerned if its going to bit too hot and difficult too move around? If this is this case would it be better to visit Pantanal in April when the weather is going to be milder? thanks in advance

      2 Answers Yesterday
    • Connecting from AA to BA with checked bags

      Heathrow Yesterday

      I am arriving from the US on AA into Terminal 3 and departing T3 on BA to Dublin issued as one ticket. Will checked bags go all through. Will I do customs in London or Dublin?

      9 Answers 18 hours ago
    • ImThere2013's Profile Photo


      Paris Yesterday

      I keep hearing about how Paris is going to be such a great deal with fares discounted for the next several months and YET, I see nothing that is out of the ordinary---anyone see any outstanding deals too good to pass up??

      14 Answers 18 hours ago
    • Matira Beach & Airport Transportation

      Bora-Bora Yesterday

      I'm coming on a cruise ship in late January; thinking of taking a cab to and from Matira Beach from Vaitape. Could someone tell me about how much this would be, and if cabs are readily available at any particular place at either location? Also, do you tip? Are there any other possible ways of getting there and back? Since we're going to be on cruise ship, I assume any available Le Truck options will be limited. Will there be any minbuses for a shared ride? Also, is it possible to take a minibus or other mode of transportation other than cab to the airport and back, just as a scenic ride?

      2 Answers Yesterday
    • safari plan

      Mudumalai Yesterday

      I want to visit Bandipur & mudumalai in a one day trip.
      What can be the best safari plan?

      I'll visit the two places on my way back from ooty.


    • lordgarner's Profile Photo

      Where to stay

      Belize Yesterday

      My wife and I are retired and are proposing to visit Belize in January 2016 for about a month to determine if it is the place for us for future UK winter holiday escapes.
      Firstly is January a good month to visit, should we stay a week in four different locations for instance or stay in one place and rent a car to visit other places and can anyone recommend accommodation.
      What should we know about Belize. We are seasoned travelers, so enjoy visiting new countries.
      Thanks in advance

      3 Answers Yesterday
    • travelinxs's Profile Photo

      connection times

      South America Yesterday

      I'm sure this has been asked a few times, but anyway...

      I want to book flights from Ushuaia, Argentina to Marrakech, Morocco which will involve at least three flights or more and it seems far cheaper to book independantly flight-by-flight than the entire route through one agent. Of course, this means if I miss a flight it will be no one's fault but mine. How much time would you consider as a safe buffer between flights to allow for possible delays etc if it were you? I know there's no right or wrong answer to this, but an opinion would be very helpful

      Many thanks

      10 Answers 21 hours ago
    • Tour Company "About Australia"

      New Zealand Yesterday

      Has anyone used the tour company "About Australia"? There doesn't seem to be much info on them.

      3 Answers Yesterday
    • Transfer between T4 to T 5

      Heathrow Yesterday

      Hello, I am an Indian Passport holder also holding an Netherlands(EU format) residance Permit Card. I have a flight from HYD - DOHA (QATAR Airways), DOHA - LHR T4 (QATAR Airways), LHR T5 to AMSTERDAM (BRITISH AIRWAYS). transit time is less than 2 hrs.

      Could you please let me know if I require a Transit or air side Transit visa ? 


      QATAR and BA are in one world alliance.


      6 Answers Yesterday
    • Advices about our itiniary

      Germany Yesterday

      Hi , My family of four (2 adults, 2 kids 4 and 8 yearls old) are going to Germany next summer (22-25 days between july 11 and august 20). I need advice on that itiniary (we are very open to any change since nothing is booked yet).

      Our plan is to go to 4-5 base place and stay ther for 4-5 nights and them do daytrip from thioose place. We intend to do it all by train but if most of you tells us that the car is a better way to go we can rent one (for the whole trip or part of it) .

      Arrival in Luxembourg (stay all day and one night because of jet lag ! We choose that place instead of Munich, Frankfurt or Berlin because it would cost something like 300$ less by person)
      Luxembourg- Boppard (Cochem ? Koblenz ?)4-5 nights
      Boppard- Berlin 4-5 nights
      Berlin Dresden 2 nights
      Dresden-Nuremberg 3-4 nights Nuremberg (or a small town not too far from Nuremberg)
      Nuremberg-Munich 4-5 nights Munich (Maybe Prien since we want to do a daytrip to Salzburg)
      Munich Luxembourg (the worst part I guess) 1 night Luxembourg and back home !

      1) Should we do it another way (Munich first, Nuremberg, Berlin and Moselle valley last ? )
      2) Is it too rushed ?
      3) any suggestions for our bases that take in account that we need moments for adults (Architecture, history and wine !) and for kids (zoo, park) ?

      Thanks a lot in advance !

      1 Answer Yesterday
    • Beaches and Islands without too much of a hassle

      Philippines Yesterday


      Here's another question or two about beaches.

      I'll be travelling with a friend in Dec - mainly to Luzon and flying in to Manila. We are undecided about taking a beach holiday though, largely because we were thinking of putting that at the end of the trip, which is 26th or 27th Dec.

      I have read blogs that Boracay is quite crazy at this time of the year, and worse during the Christmas season? It is really accessible though and provides a direct flight home to Singapore for us.

      Here are my questions:
      1. Is there a really nice beach on Luzon itself that might be a good place to chill out for 4 - 5 days? Perhaps with some snorkelling thrown in?

      2. We have considered Palawan - El Nido - but that looks like quite a bit of transfers from Puerto Princesca. Is this true and will this area be as busy during the Christmas season?


      4 Answers Yesterday
    • place to stay, lake garda, italy

      Italy Yesterday

      we will also be going to lake garda for 4 days, to see around this area.just wanting help, where would be the best place, to stay, to see around this area. we will have a car for this part of our trip. thanks di

      6 Answers Yesterday
    • Transportation

      Alaminos Yesterday

      From La Union going to Hundren Island, anong bus po pwedeng sakyan?

      2 Answers Yesterday
    • Time needed for next flight.

      Heathrow Yesterday

      My son booked a ticket through a travel agent.He is arriving from India to Heathrow by Air India at 11-30 and next flight from Gatwick to Amsterdam by BA at 15:50. I dont think he has enough time to go trough passport control & reach Gatwick. So I think a separate ticket from Heathrow to Amsterdam is safer. Both flights from terminal 4 but he needs to go through passport control, baggage claim then check in again. Please advise if this is a better plan & how much time needed for transfer. Sorry for the long message and thank you in advance.

      19 Answers Yesterday
    • namibia public transportation

      Namibia Yesterday

      thanks for some help about transportation in Namibia;
      we can't drive and public transportation seems rare or too rude?
      we avoid to take too much tours with travel agent.

      4 Answers Yesterday
    • sheraz90's Profile Photo

      2 Days in Cairo - Pyramids and Nile Cruise

      Cairo Yesterday

      Hi all .. I am an Australian going to Cairo at end Dec for a 2 days and then heading to Sharm Al Shaikh on (Go Bus).

      Kindly help / share some tips / advises.

      Q1. Going to Pyramids on our own (in taxi) for a half day trip. Has anyone done that ? Is it recommended / any cautions ? Is it easy / difficult to get a taxi back to the City ?

      Q2. Any names / recommendations for an evening boat cruise on Nile ? (how much rates ? / booking required ? or can be taken on spot ?

      Thanks in advance .. I'll be coming back with more Qs for Sharm Al Shaikh ..

      6 Answers 18 hours ago
    • Hiring a porter to carry things from Namche to Chukkung while trekking 3 Passes?

      Khumbu Himal Yesterday

      I was wondering if it is possible (probably) and also safe to hire a porter in Namche Bazar or maybe already lukla to carry some gear to Chukkung, while I carry on to hike the 3 Passes. Later I'd pick up the gear in Chukkung for the remainder of the trip so it would have to be stored away in some lodge (which I'd be happy to stay at of course).
      Would this be feasable?

      1 Answer Yesterday
    • Booking a seat on the night bus from BK to Trat

      Ko Chang Yesterday

      I am leaving for Trat on january 1st, and I have read and found seveal bus options that will take me to Trat during the night, so I arrive in Trat the morning of january 2nd.

      However I cant seem to book tickets online. First question - does anybody have any experience with this night bus option? And secondly, any suggestions on how I can book in advance?

      Grateful in advance for answers!
      Kind regards Marie

      4 Answers Yesterday
    • abs87's Profile Photo

      Ferry train to Messina

      Italy Yesterday

      hello all,

      I was just wondering which train is the one that boards to ferry to Messina. We will be travelling down from Naples to Messina in one go and don't want to get stuck on the mainland!
      Any advice is welcome :)

      Cheers Abbie

      9 Answers Yesterday
    • Zell am See, Bundesland Salzburg, Austria from munich

      Zell am See Yesterday

      Zell am See, Bundesland Salzburg, Austria from Munich

      in one day

      2 Answers Yesterday