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    • Travel Guide from Camiguin to Dahilayan Forest Park

      Cagayan de Oro City 11 hours ago


      Just want to as if there are any transportation available from camiguin going directly to Dahilyan Forest Park..

      hoping to read some good advice

      Thank you in advance for your response


      Heathrow 11 hours ago

      I m holding an Indian passport and a valid US M1 Visa .. i am having a 18hrs long layover at London .. DO I need a transit visa to stay inside the airport as well ???? Thanks in advance !!

    • visiting kiev

      Kiev 12 hours ago

      We are planning to visit Kiev on May.
      Is it safe now in the city center? What is the atmosphir? Police and soldeirs in the streets ?
      Does people going out for night life? Does people travelling in the main streets?
      Reccomended to visit or not?

    • capelkay's Profile Photo

      Buying US$ in Australia

      Australia 12 hours ago

      going to Bali and they recommend Visa is paid in US$.
      1. has anyone paid I another currency? is it that much of a drama to pay in AUD?
      2. where can I get US$ in Aussie land without paying ridiculous exchange rate and fees?
      Last time I did it at the Airport ATM and US$100 cost AUD$120 and that was when it was $1 for $1 exchange rate.
      cross my fingers for a cheap solution.

      1 Answer 12 hours ago
    • using Airport Link

      Bangkok 12 hours ago

      Now that the Phyai Thai link is closed but Makkasan to Subaranabhumi is still operational. How do I go to Makkasan Airport Link station to go to the Airport? Using either Bus or Metro/train coming from Bangkok Noi, Siriraj Hospital. Thanks

    • Alexandra_Zebra's Profile Photo

      Meteora - Litochoro by bus

      Greece 12 hours ago

      Hi there!
      My husband and I are going to Halkidiki this may.
      We want to travel from Thessaloniki to Meteora by bus or train. There stay for a night and in the morning visit the monasteries. The same day (in the evening) we want to get to Olympus, Refuge A.
      I found such a useful bus schedule but still have some questions.
      I guess the best way is to get from Kalampaka to Trikala, there take a bus Trikala - Thessaloniki. Does it stop at Litochoro? And where can I find bus numbers, routes and stops?
      Does anyone have any advice?

    • Three days in Paris

      Paris 12 hours ago

      What are the major attractions to cover in Paris in three days ?
      Should we take a pass or go on our own ? Is it true that Paris can be seen entirely on foot ?
      Please could you tell us major attractions with their price etc .

      1 Answer 11 hours ago
    • Stay and car rental in mauritius

      Mauritius 13 hours ago

      Hi all,

      i wanted to share my experience with you and would like to get some feedback also from people who have been in Mauritius for holidays. I have been at a nice guest house in the north and enjoyed a very peaceful and calm stay at a very reasonable price. But i have had some difficulties with big car rental agency which forced me to change same and rent with another car rental company. I've rented with one well known rental company but in the end the conditions had nothing to do with what we agreed at the beginning and they were very rude and aggressive.

      In the end another couple who were also on holiday at the same guest house advice us to rent with one National Car Hire Mauritius and i was fully satisfied. They were on time and even gave us a nice package on the overall rental. We've got almost 15% discount on the 3 weeks rental and no charge were to be paid for delivery of the car. If anyone has encountered such same problem it would be nice to get some feedback. The overall experience make us understand that big brands are not always the best and are very expensive also.

      Thanks for sharing your experience.


    • Train Travel centre

      Varkaus 13 hours ago

      I booked a ticket in to travel. But i do not know where is the terminal to get into the train.

    • What's the best way to get to Gamay from Catarman?

      I will be in Catarman in 2 weeks and would like to travel to Gamay. What is the best way to get there and is it safe to travel there now? Is it possible to rent a car in Catarman and drive to Gamay? Also, any info on hotels in Catarman and Gamay would be a big help. Thanks!

    • wil we get watersports at calangute in may end

      Goa 13 hours ago

      will we get watersports at calangute from 26 - 30 may

      1 Answer 12 hours ago
    • Street Shopping in Goa

      Goa 13 hours ago

      Apart from the saturday night market, where can I enjoy some awesome street shopping in Goa. I have heard about tibetan handicraft stalls in baga...has anyone been there?

      1 Answer 13 hours ago
    • How much money

      London 14 hours ago

      I am going to london for 5 days and Scotland for 5 days. My hotels and flights are already paid for with breakfast included. I was wondering how much spending money I will need for me and my girlfriend. I am staying about a mile away from Big Ben if that information is helpful.

      Thank you

      1 Answer 13 hours ago
    • DrunkenTraveller's Profile Photo

      Safe or sorry?

      Manila 14 hours ago

      Over the past few weeks people have been telling me some very bad things about safety in Manila. Some even said that to be careful when walking out of airport and going in taxis in the night as people mug you and take all your money. Sould i be worried? Any tips on safety?

      2 Answers 12 hours ago
    • must do 's in playadel carmen area

      Cancún 15 hours ago

      hello my wife and i r traveling to cancun for the end of june and was up in the air about wat things we must do in a short 7 day vacate ? and wat package would be best worth it ?

      2 Answers 14 hours ago
    • wunderflieger's Profile Photo

      Daramsala Perdana

      Damansara 15 hours ago

      What is Daramsala Perdana?

    • Recommended Clubs and Safe Way to Get Back to the Resort??

      Varadero 16 hours ago

      Hi! We're a group of late 20s/early 30s females looking to experience the nightlife in Varadero this weekend. Are there any recommendations for a fun safe club that plays mostly top 40 / usual club music? Also, how easy is it to get a reliable taxi around 2/3 am outside of the clubs? Welcome any tips/advice! Thanks!!

    • Travel warnings?

      Cuiabá 16 hours ago

      Are there any safety concerns when visiting Cuiaba?

    • Spain travel and wireless

      Spain 16 hours ago

      I'm thinking about renting a mobile hotspot to get portable wireless ( or just find free WIFI where I can while traveling. How is the free wifi access in Spain, specially Seville, Barca, Madrid and Granada? Is it worth renting a hotspot for Spain travel? I'm finding that the hotels I may be staying at which have free wifi seem to not be reliable courtesy of reviews. Will mainly use this for my phone, will not be bringing a laptop or tablet.

    • Kardamena to asclepeion

      Kos Island 17 hours ago

      hi, I am going to be staying in Kardamena for a week this summer and I would love to visit the Asclepeion. does anyone know how to get there from Kardamena, and how much the travel will cost? is there a bus or a taxi, what is the best and cheapest way to get there?

    • acloud's Profile Photo

      EWR to NYC

      New York City 17 hours ago

      I usually fly into LGA, but will be leaving out of EWR tomorrow night. I'm a cheapskate and prefer public transportation. I've read that bus #62 takes you from Penn station to EWR. Is that right? Any particulars I need to know? Where exactly do I catch it. How long can I reasonably expect it to take? My flight is at 7:45pm. Thanks!

      4 Answers 16 hours ago
    • Susanrw's Profile Photo

      Weather in the Fall?

      Siedlce 17 hours ago

      I will be in Siedlce in September or October. Is the weather significantly different? What should I expect for the weather?

    • transportation from Knoxville to Memphis

      Memphis 18 hours ago

      what is the best way to get tthere?

      2 Answers 14 hours ago
    • Should I rent a campervan or not?

      Byron Bay 18 hours ago

      I'm going to Byron Bay for the Easter weekend, now I can't decide if I should rent a campervan or not? I am going to watch Bluesfest [] but most of the campsites are sold out. I read this blog that mentioned the bluesfest [] so i decided to check out their list of campervans, now I am not sure if it is a wise idea to hire one or just book a hotel. However, I know that most hotels are quite far from the venue. Can anyone help me decide?

      2 Answers 17 hours ago
    • Mickey16's Profile Photo

      Holiday Inn Golden Mile, Hong Kong reviews

      Hong Kong 18 hours ago

      Hi, I am planning a trip to Hong Kong for 5 days with my kids. We were planning to book with Holiday Inn Golden Mile in TST, Kowloon for its location. I was just wondering if it is good hotel, value for money and wanted some suggestions about their service. If not could someone suggest me with another hotel in the same location?
      Thanking you all in advance. Your suggestions would be very helpful.

      6 Answers 15 hours ago
    • what to bring & what to see

      Washington D.C. 18 hours ago

      what should I bring (I'm going in the middle of July) and what should we visit for young kinds (around 10 y.o.)?


      2 Answers 15 hours ago
    • Bicycle & Kayak Rentals

      Hilton Head Island 19 hours ago

      Which bicycle rental shops are the best in Hilton Head and which ones that you had a bad experience with?
      Also which kayak outfitters are the best?
      Appreciate any info that you can supply.

    • milliturtle's Profile Photo

      Secret Pastelarias?

      Lisbon 19 hours ago

      Hi, I am going to Lisbon in May. I read somewhere that there are these secret bakeries that operate from night to early morning. I think they are called bolos da madrugada. Unfortunately, they seem to be very much you will find one if you know where it is. (Hence, secret... I know.)

      While I am not sure if we will be out that late, can someone point me in the right direction on where to find one?


      1 Answer 17 hours ago
    • best vacation

      what is the best vacation destination nueva vizcaya

      1 Answer 15 hours ago
    • 5 hour cruise stop in chios

      Chios Island 19 hours ago

      With only a 5 hour cruise stop in chios, what would you suggest as the most important thing to do/see

      1 Answer 13 hours ago